Monday, March 9, 2020

THE BLOG RETURNS --  March 8, 2020

Yes it is true believe it or not: The Blog Has Returned. Appropriately it is being written on the first morning of Daylight Savings Time - a sure sign of Spring as well as the approaching Opening Day of Papa Robbs. Which is April 2  (weather challengers permitting).

That all said, allow me - Papa Robb - (yes the real one) to apologize for "Blog Failure" in the past. I always have good intentions of better blogging but always fail. This year will be better so pay attention this year. There will be more & better news - I promise - again.

The blogs will be shorter , but more frequent so let's get started.

Last year was a CHALLENGE. The worse was the loss of our brother-in-law Scott. Naturally everyone in our family business was affected. Almost a year later  Scott's death is still with us.

Let's add in much weather challenges - always a big deal - the NC Dept. of Transportation (more on that to come), growth problems, family illnesses - well you get the picture. In spite of all that our year was pretty good. Our store has some ragged edges but business was steady & our mobile vending was bigger than ever.

Our next blog will begin details of recent changes & changes to come, but we will close this blog with a simple list of hints:

1. The Papa Robb's Club will return in April with weekly Texts of important news.
2. Our ice cream line up will increase.
3. Music & other special events will continue - hopefully bigger than ever.
4. Quality of products & attitudes will remain & become even more important.
5. Based on #4 note that Papa Robbs welcomes all & is very inclusive. Yes there are rules, but being well mannered & good behavior are paramount.
6. Families are our most important product.
7. Fun remains a high priority.
8. The DOT project (turn lanes) might begin so PLEASE bare with them & with us.
9. I proomise better blogs
10. I did mention: FUN, FUN & MORE FUN?

That's it see you again real soon with hopefully some HUGE news.

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