Thursday, June 17, 2021

 BLOG - Food - 6/17/21

This blog news is short, but very important. Important because it pertains to how much & how often entertainers & various food vendors visit us all at Papa Robbs.

Starting this week we will host food vendors - carts, trucks, trailers - who will offer various types of food, from hotdogs to gourmet sandwiches. But let's be honest about this. These vendors are the essence of "shop local". The basic All American of start up businesses, but the investment cost is sizable. Like all businesses, if profits aren't made such businesses move on or fail.

So this is - from Papa Robb - a polite way of asking you to support these area small businesses. They are truly your neighbors. We have had many requests for food vendors so they are coming. Again, let's give them some support & they will return & others will join them.  It is really as simple as that.

The same goes for other guests such as Tripp The Clown, Balloon Artists, etc. These people really took a hard hit last year & many are "Buskers" working for tips.

Papa Robbs is also a mobile vendor. We are at Frank Liske Park every weekend & can be found at all sorts of events around the area.

We are all part of the local economy. Shop Local is more than a slogan. It is a way of life for many & is important to our community.

We appreciate your business - thanks for listening.

Saturday, May 29, 2021


We have some big news, but first we all need to give a huge vote of thanks. Obviously we at Papa Robbs have a big Thank You to our friends & customers. You have actually become a family over the past several years & really showed your faith last year.

This year has been  a strong & successful start, both at our store & our mobile sales/catering department. For that we are very grateful. We believe that we are not totally "out of the woods" yet, but from every indication we are well on our way. We still encourage you to remember those masks & most important - GET THAT SHOT! Hundreds if not thousands of people around the world worked very hard & set what seems to be a record in developing a vaccine. Let's use it.

Now we are happy to announce a change of hours & days of operation as we return to our schedule of the past. On Monday June 7 we return to seven days a week. Our expanded hours will be:  Sunday through Thursday, 11:00am until 9:00pm. Friday & Saturday, 11:00am until 10:00pm. Other plans include:

Some entertainment will return: music, Tripp The Clown, face painting, etc. Some yard games will return &  some food offerings will also return. We also hope to develop a Marketplace that will feature kids events, crafts & a vending market. As this grows we hope to add a small farmers' market.

So please keep an eye on all of our social media sites for updates  & remember we always need your ideas. Our "Flip Flop Hut" is an example. Slowly more flip flops are appearing & we hope you get a kick out of another bright spot at Papa Robbs.

Thank you again & we hope to see you again soon.


Monday, May 17, 2021


BLOG --  Good start,  May 16,  2021

Well hello again everyone. Thought we would give it a few weeks then report in. So here's your report!

Thank YOU, thank YOU for the best kick off in years. It has been a super start to our year & we owe it all to you - our family, friends, customers - everyone in this area. And we are just beginning - more on that later.

We do have to remind you that we still have rules, so keep making us proud. We are well know as an inclusive place that is a safe & fun facility for families. We are really one of a kind for this area & yes, we still pretend we are a "shack on the beach".

Now about one very important rule - MASKS. Over the past few days this has been very confusing to a lot of folks, but when it comes to Papa Robbs there is no confusion. We wear masks & we ENCOURAGE you to wear them too at Papa Robbs. Why?  Simply because no one seems to be sure about this subject & it keeps changing. So - better safe than sorry.

Papa Robb has had both shots now yet he still wears his mask. When asked why he explains:  I have a drivers license too but I still fasten my seat belt. So let's all remain a little patient for a little longer. Why not. Should be easy now since we've had this practice.

Now back to the future -- our operation days & hours will change soon so get ready for some summer fun. Entertainment will return for both kids & adults. Tripp The Clown will be back next month as will other activities.

FOOD?  Yes we have had requests so we will give our food truck friends another chance, but you must realize their success depends on your support. Watch all details in our blogs, texts & social media platforms.

Gotta run for now, but one more note - watch for our mobile sales force - Papa On The Go. We are at Frank Liske Park every weekend so join us there as well as at our store.




Monday, March 22, 2021


Our Opening Day is approaching - Thursday, March 25, 11:00 am till 8:00 pm. It might very well have a wet opening, but rain or shine we are on. Keep a close watch on all of our social media for all the latest updates.

From the earliest days Papa Robb's Paradise Ice was designed to resemble a vacation shack on the beach. Much more important, it was designed as an inclusive - very inclusive - place. Everyone, & we mean everyone, is welcome. A lot of things have changed in our world, but our policy has not changed.

The world may have its rules & regulations, but Papa Robbs has its own set of regulations. Behavior & safety are the basis for Papa's Rules. We have been & remain the place where all people can bring their families - their children - and feel safe. Not bullies, no bullets, no bigots. Your children are safe with us.

We are excited about having you back. The old place has been spruced up, cleaned up, some new paint. Not only can you now sit down, but our playground has been cleaned & sanitized. So come & have a good time seeing old friends & making new ones.

While we have several ideas about special events, co-ops, etc for this year, we have two such specials from the very start. On Friday, March 26 our friends at the Sojourney Church will host a Happy Hour(s) at Papa Robbs. From 4:00 pm until our 8:00 pm closing there will be a $1.00 - one dollar - discount per item on all of our products. An extra reason to be Happy!

On  Saturday, March 27, our neighbors at Eva Drive Baptist Church will join us & host their annual Easter Party. Games, surprises & free hotdogs for all. This is open to the public. Other events will soon begin to happen so again, keep reading blogs & checking our web site, facebook, etc.

Meanwhile, you please be safe. And DO NOT FORGET your masks. Last - we know you have ideas, so keep sending them to us - please.

Monday, March 8, 2021

BLOG -- 2021 -- BLOG OF 3/7/21

Well, well, well -- We're back & very happy & excited about 2021. So, let's get to it.

There is so much news that we must break it into a few blogs. It is VERY IMPORTANT to read our blogs, posts, etc as promise to do better with our communications this year. Social Media posts, texting, blogs, etc will be better & more frequent.

Let's begin with a huge THANK YOU. Papa Robbs survived last year because so many of you supported us through a challenging year for us all. In spite of limitations & restrictions you came & supported us.
Churches were helpful also as were businesses that hosted important but innovative social events -- Drive In Socials is a fine example. So again - thank you to everyone. Now to this year:

OPENING - weather permitting we will open on Thursday, March 25 at 11:00 am. We will be open every day except Mondays from 1:00 am to 8:00 pm.  About May first these hours & days will change & expand.

YES there will be seating & you will notice a few changes but we feel our seating choices will be safe. New ground covers, mulch, etc - all cleaned, painted & sanitized.

PLAYGROUND will be open. Cleaned & professionally sanitized.

GENERAL REGULATIONS, known far & wide as "Papa's Rules" are still in force. There have always meant simply as good manners & behavior. Be kind as we are all family at Papas. Remember your masks, masks & masks.

Watch for more news to come & we will see you soon.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

BLOG --  Second half of season - Aug. 1, 2020

Our season is now half over & it has been a challenge for Papa Robbs as it has for businesses , especially small locally owned businesses, across the country. Many will not survive, but are determined & we are very fortunate. We have a good product, good corporate partners/suppliers, a super staff & we have you - our friends & customers.

Since some of this blog will not be what you want to hear let us begin by saying how much we appreciate your support & loyalty. Change & adjustment is never easy & we have all had to live with change this year. But if we stay the course, do the right thing & support each other then this too will pass. It will not be as soon as we would like & to be honest, things will never be quite like they were before. With that in mind let's get to the latest news, updates & plans.

No matter what you hear otherwise, the Covid-19 virus is real, dangerous & will be with us for a while longer. We hope & pray for better days, smarter treatments & a vaccine that works. Until then we must make smart decisions & truly believe that we are all in this together. Your continued understanding, patience & support are needed now more than ever.. Please note the following:

SAFETY -- Paramount; most important; basis for every decision we make. The safety of you, your family & for our staff. We also happen to believe in facts, numbers, statistics & science. We heed the advice of our doctors, the CDC & our local health alliance.

PLAYGROUND -- Our playground is closed & will remain closed for the rest of this year. Public playgrounds are closed & we are considered public. It is the law & it is smart policy. Before it does re open there are repairs that need to be made & it will be clean & professionally disinfected.

SEATING & RESTROOMS -- Also closed for the foreseeable future. Simply too dangerous & very hard to control. We do not have the staff size. Plus the kids will not understand why they can not play on the playground, etc. Not fair is it?   We do allow tailgating with your family & we appreciate your help with keeping our property neat & clean.


That's it. We know it not the most pleasant of news but it is the facts. We want things different too, but we want everyone safe - SAFE SAFE SAFE. So be patient & remember that we need, welcome & appreciate your support.


Thank You,       Papa Robb

Friday, June 26, 2020

BLOG - June 25, 2020 - seating, hours, etc.
Recently we have seen an increase in our customers asking about seating. We have said several times that Papa Robbs operates on its own phases & deadlines. While we attempt to base our decisions on current news about the Covid-19 Virus we realize that we have our own particular situations - party center, playground, large control area, etc. Also once again - our priority is SAFETY, for our customers & our staff. So please note the following:

We will continue keeping the party center & the playground closed - maybe for the rest of this year. We will also continue to restrict all seating - no seating allowed. Tailgating is still allowed but we urge social distancing.
North Carolina now has a mask mandate. Obviously you can't eat while wearing a mask, but we also urge you to wear a mask while waiting to order. Let us ALL WORK TOGETHER to keep each other safe.

We recently received an email from Kannapolis noting new case numbers that were over 250, plus North Carolina has now joined the alarmingly number of states with spikes in cases.  Therefore we will keep our regulations in place for the time being.

We will however make a small but important change in our hours of operation: starting the weekend of July 4 we will open 7 days a week from 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm, giving some extra time in the evening after work.
We know that this news is not what we all hoped for, but neither is this entire year & situation. Let us all remain patient & polite with each other & remember that eventually this too shall pass.