Thursday, February 5, 2015

A big welcome to 2015 to all of you! Yes it is cold, but warm weather will be here before we know it as will the Opening Day at Papa Robb's Paradise Ice. Our plans call for us to open for this year from mid to end of March depending on the weather as usual.

The big news is change, and changes there will be. Let's begin with communication. We urge you to use our web site - - as much as you can. Remember also that we do have a mobile version for your convenience. We are in the process of updating the web site and you find updates starting this week. Homepage, info about us, menu, parties - all contain new and important information and details. And please use our Blog as we will Blog even more this year. Our current blog simply explains our decor and our flags subjects you have been asking about. Fun and informative are goals of our blogs.

Social Media is bigger and more challenging than ever and we plan to increase our use this year. More graphics, photos and hopefully video. Instagram and SnapChat will be added plus an attempt to use more YouTube. We are, and will continue to, urge you to use your favorite social medium to share your Paradise Ice experiences.

NEWS FLASH -- We now have an Official Song! You will see it in print next month and we hope to even have a contest this year with you even singing our song. Sound like fun?
Stay tuned for details.

We will have more on site and off site events this year and hope to work even more closely with our Food Truck Community as well as neighborhoods throughout the county. Please keep us informed about your special events and how we can help.

Our Friday festivals will continue. Any suggestions for a name change? We always welcome your ideas, help , suggestions, etc. Performers we need and we are thinking about a Talent Contest.

Let's not forget our products. Ice Cream flavors will grow to 24 plus "Special" Specials on a regular basis. Some exciting new special flavors of Paradise Ice are also in the works and will be featured. Our Paradise Freeze will be back by popular demand with a new Rainbow Float for kids (of all ages).

That's all for now, but again, check our website blogs and social media for updates. Thanks for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord, NC