Monday, May 29, 2017

Hello again & happy to be here, but more that later. So much to cover will have to split but do want to begin with general comments about Festival Friday. Due to weather & some health issues (delays) our Festival Fridays have been slow getting off the ground this year, but we are getting back to basics (involving kids more). Things now being planned include more Bounce Houses, kids crafts, book reading, story telling, music with DJ & dancing for the kids, yard & board games for the family, etc.  We're looking a  few vendor nights for crafters, artists, clothing, etc for kids & their Moms. We also have a couple of surprises up our sleeves so stay tuned for more news over the next couple of weeks.

Two big additions are Tuesday Tunes - music returns June 6 & every Tuesday so join us and Marty DeJarnette (& maybe some friends) for a night of super music & local talent.

Also - Hotdogs are back EVERY Friday - 4:30 - 8:00. We have said this before but you folks have asked for hotdogs so come out & support this new local business. The cart 7 Dionne have a military theme to honor our veterans so again some enjoy a dog or two on Fridays.

Now to medical, but this is really about this community. You all should know by now just much Papa Robb loves this area, Cabarrus County & our local leaders - business & political. Well let us add our local medical teams to that list.

My endocrinologist, Dr. James Holt has monitored  a situation with my thyroid for almost 10 years & half of my thyroid was removed Tuesday, May 23. I am fine, all went well, no cancer, and my recovery has been better than I expected.

There was a scare (to me anyway) about a month ago , but once all my records, tests results, etc were back here in Cabarrus County - well let's just say that things changed for the better. We can start with my surgeon Brian Schmidt; the above mentioned Dr. Holt; Keith Griffin my primary care physician & the heart man himself, Dr. Christy. Better care I could not have asked for.

I must add here the super team at Northeast Medical - our local hospital. If surgery could be made a pleasure, the team at NE made it so - from the moment I arrived to when I was rolled out the door. I will never forget these great people.

I mention all this as another example of just how lucky we all are to live here where we do. Yes we are growing & growth creates problems, but our local government leadership, business leadership & yes, medical leadership are second to none.

It doesn't end there either. Our business policy is community involvement & we work with lots of churches, schools & non-profits. There are countless people who work very hard helping our neighbors & serving our community.
So the next time you see a local political leader, a volunteer, a first responder of any kind or a teacher -- take the time to say what we do:  THANK YOU
Concord, NC

Friday, May 12, 2017

Well, I am finally back so forgive lack of communication. I did have a health scare, but that turned out to be a real lack of communication. Once all aspects of that deal returned to the great health care team I have here in Cabarrus County/Concord it seems I'm not near death after all!!!  Certainly happy to hear that. My health issue is small & simple & is being taken care of.

Now to important stuff. Other than this crazy weather we have a very good start to this year. We just need less rain & steady warm temperatures. The store is busy & our mobiles are busier than ever. We are having a great time "on the road" with school & church events, many worthwhile causes & recently two days with Special Olympics. The kids are just super & teachers, helpers & many volunteers do above & beyond duties in our community.

Big news is the Pirates Are Coming - Saturday May 20 - so mark your calendar. Tons of Pirate fun & games & prizes. So get out your pirate gear & come prepared to sail the pirate seas. PIRATES IN PARADISE - May 20.

Music returned last week with Marty DeJarnette & he will be joining us every Tuesday starting June 6 - Tuesday Tunes. See, we do have events for big kids (adults) too. Tuesdays are also Popsicle Tuesday with discounts on our pops. We now have about 15 flavors. Some are actually health & all natural. We also have Butter Pecan, Cookies & Cream & testing a Coffee Cream flavor.

Speaking of flavors, we are always coming up with ideas & surprises. We also offer a series of unique flavors so come out & get a taste. Some may end up on our regular menu.

Please keep an eye or two on our facebook & also the events calendar on our web site as much is to come. Festival Fridays are back & we also have: Sundae Sunday, Popsicle Tuesday, Thirsty Thursday & next month will kick off Surprise Saturday which could be anything from card games, book night for the kids, story telling, a DJ or an extra visit by Mike the balloon artist.

That it for now, keep checking the blogs & we will see you soon.