Monday, April 6, 2015

Hello Again -- Welcome back to Papa Robb's Paradise Ice! We know it is Spring because the weather is always challenging to say the least. Rainy/cloudy - sunny; windy then not; hot, cold, mild temps - hard to keep up with. But - we are here no matter the weather & we appreciate all of you who visit in spite of any weather challenges . We all know better weather lies ahead so let us tell you what is on the way at Papa Robbs.

FOOD -- Several of you are already asking about food & food trucks so a word or two about our food availability. Food trucks will return but not the same as last year as some of their own ideas/plans did not work (such a different truck each day). We are working on a plan for Wednesdays & we hope to rotate some trucks on Saturdays. We are making Fridays our "party/fair/festival food day due to our own FESTIVAL FRIDAY & we are happy to say that TERRY's DAWGS will be joining our "Festival Friday Family!

But it is important for everyone to realize that food trucks are a business & they need your support in order to remain in business & keep returning to Papa Robbs. We feel that food trucks are an exciting, interesting & important part of our local economy & atmosphere. We lost a few last year & we miss them, so let's all turn out & support these hard working people (who have become our friends) & who make Papa Robbs even more fun for the family.

COMING EVENTS/CHANGES -- First please note that details & updates on all of the following can be had on our blogs, calendar, facebook, twitter & our other forms of social media so please use them all often.

Some changes include more interesting decor, some new popsicle flavors & four new ice cream flavors. We have also added a huge info board to keep you informed as to events & specials.

Festival Fridays begin April 17 (some will take place in our party area) & all of our old friends will return - plus some new ones over the season. Open Mic is moving to Tuesday nights & Greg Ragan will again be your host (some grab your instruments & join us or just come & sing along). Open Mic begins April 14 at 6:30. Lyndsay Wednesdays - DJ - will return this year also in mid to late April.

We will host a book signing (childrens' book) on April 11 plus Tripp The Clown, Jerry The Clown & his balloon twisting, Dinosaurs, Music, Dancers of all styles, a Drum Circle or two (maybe more) Face Painting & many other surprises & specials are being planned.

MOST IMPORTANT -- Our web site has some changes. Please note our Mission Statement. Our most important mission & goal is to continue serving you & your families quality products & service in a family-friendly atmosphere that is safe (& fun) for your children.   Thank You & we hope to see you soon.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord, NC