Wednesday, December 19, 2018


First, an apology & a thank you. The apology is for not staying in closer touch this year & the vote of thanks is for all of you who supported us this year - a year that has been challenging to say the least.

The weather, the weather, the weather. When it wasn't too hot it was raining & it mostly rained. This year was the worst for rain & it tried to kill us for sure. We had water damage, flooded parking lot, party area & playground. Rain forced us to close more this year than all past years combined.

If regular old rain wasn't enough there were hurricanes to deal with. Not just one, but two arrived within the same month. Suffice to say the year was "interesting" weather wise & we have seen enough rain.

So once again, a big THANK YOU for keeping us afloat - so to speak. Now for the good news.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice is making lots of changes for next year. It will take more than one newsletter plus a couple of blogs to fully explain. This newsletter will simply outline what's coming in 2019.

1. Our weekly calendar of events & specials will change & will be posted in early January. So keep a close eye on our web site's events calendar.
2. Our mobile sales/catering department & our store operations will be more separate than in the past.
3. More emphasis is being placed on families - more so than in the past. More games, more events & tons of  prizes -- more fun.
4. Festival Friday will remain but with a new name & will be the kick  off day for an entire weekend of games & special events.  Our plan to provide a more carnival midway effect.
5. Our playground has become old so -- we are getting a new one!
6. Our social media will change somewhat  -- simpler, but better. Less will be more - quality over quantity.  We will need your help for this one.
7. We will be forming a social club for you. This will result in better ways for us to communicate with you in ways that are more "user friendly" for you. More specials, games, fun & prizes for you - kids & adults.

These  are just a few of the things we have planned. From you we need you to PLEASE look over the contact info we have for you as we will need you to update this early next year. We will make your job easier & more fun - that we promise (hint: there will be PRIZES involved).

We'll have more coming early January but  hey, it is the Holidays, so a HUGE MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Be safe & we'll see you in 2019.