Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Well, hello again. I know I have been slack, but much has been happening. The BIG news is that Papa Robb is a "Papa Robb" again. Little Mariah joins the Granddaughter ranks & is happy & healthy. As the song says, they  "Call the wind Mariah". Obviously everyone is very happy. So now Papa Robb has Erica, soon to be a freshman at college, Hannah freshman in high school, and Mariah - a freshman in the world!

Now to the small news! the weather has played havoc with us this year. A couple of times we were forced to close early as it was raining sideways. We try our best to stay open & always remember that all our treats can be made "To Go".

Our new Hot Dog vendor is working out super. Great dogs & service, so PLEASE come out  every Friday & give this woman your support. All part of Festival Friday which has gained new life to say the least. More & more activities. And new players. Games, fun, lots of crafts both simple & more challenging.

Oh - did I mention Papa's new bounce house? BOUNCE HOUSE!!! Thanks to a kind friend we have a new Bounce House for Bounce House Wednesdays & special Festival Fridays. Also available for parties. Call us for info.

Better yet - check out our calendars. A paper version that we are giving out at the store & on the road & our events calendar on our web site, www.paparobbs.com. You must take advantage of these & our social media platforms so as to not miss anything at Papas.

We have not forgotten adults either. August 18 will feature Vendor Night - lots of cool things for the grownups to see & do. And Marty DeJarnette is providing music every Tuesday evening - & some friends drop by from time to time to join him. Lots of original tunes.

That's it, promise to "blog" more often - newsletter coming later this week.  Thanks, Papa

Concord NC