Tuesday, September 26, 2017

HELLO AGAIN -- The weather has kept us rather busy. The hurricanes hit & hurt friends in the U.S. Virgin Islands & the Bahamas. So sad but no one killed or injured. Papa's sister road out the storm in Daytona. Lucky to be alive.

Of course the storm was headed our way so we cleared the decks & closed for two days. The storm then changed direction - thankfully - & we spent more time setting everything back in place. This year & the weather has been pretty tough on "Paradise Ice".But we feel very lucky compared to what has fallen upon so many others.

This is the time of year for changes so here they come: Starting next week we will be open six days a week, closed Mondays with some reduction in hours as in the past. . Hours will be -- Tuesday through Friday & Sunday: 1:00 pm - 8:00 pm. Saturday - 11:am - 8:00 pm.

Also Festival Fridays come to a close the end of this month  September. Not to worry as our Bounce House will be up through October plus some games & perhaps a kids crafts night or two - so it is very important, as always, to check our Facebook & other forms of social media on all updates.

Our Mobile Sales & Catering has picked up this year. So much so that we are building another truck, but this one will be a little different so stay tuned for our big announcement soon. We are also testing a new program for Daycare Centers & Pre School & we will let you know how that works out as we test in prep for next year.

Let's close with a big shout out to our public servants. It is election time again & we hope you join us in positive recognition of our officials & local government employees. We had the privilege of participating in Concord's Annual Employee Appreciation Day & Picnic. What a great & hard working group of people. Trust me here: I have traveled quite a bit in my life & Concord & Cabarrus County are very well managed compared to many other areas. Yes I know all about traffic & "dug up roads", but that is a small price to pay for growth which is always better than "no growth".

As always a big Thanks to all of you - our friends at Papa Robbs. See you soon.

Concord, NC