Thursday, June 9, 2016

HELLO EVERYBODY  --  In our opinion June marks the real start summer & we are ready for you & your family & your friends & neighbors. Lots in store, especially our Festival Fridays. We post each day about events & specials including details about our Festival Fridays. All this news, plus more can also be found on our website - click "events" on our tool bar.

Let's re-visit an old subject: Food trucks/vendors. You keep asking about these & requesting their return. Special - this Friday, June 10, a very special food truck will make its first appearance at Papa Robbs - one that should not be missed. We all know about our local favorite & famous - WHAT-A-BURGER restaurants. Some say the best is #13 in Mt. Pleasant. Well, they have a food truck & that - WHAT-A-BURGER food truck will be at Papa Robbs Friday at 5:00 - part of our Kids Crafts Night at Festival Friday.

We've said it before & we will say it again. These food vendors must have your support - plain & simple. So please join us June 10. This same truck will also visit June 17 & July 1.

We also now have the ROLIN DAWGS food vendor on other Fridays (as well as other days - so check facebook). Hot Dogs, Burgers, Chicken, Bar-B-Que - event breakfast!

Good place here to remind you that we also have mobile units available for parties, corporate events, churches, schools, etc. Check us on web site, "parties" on tool bar for info or call us at  704/ 652-7272.

Some coming events include art/crafts for kids, Poetry & speed painting, music, Pirates, story telling & a possible talent show. Open Mic Night may aslo return in a few weeks. You can always plan your own night with your friends - we have games & other ideas. Call us & ask for Lyndsay - she can help.

Let's close with an important note - especially in these times when we keep hearing, seeing, reading too much about "exclusion". Papa Robb's Paradise Ice is all about community. Living in it & being an actual part of this great place we live. Papa Robbs is all about inclusion. Everyone - repeat, everyone - is always welcome. Look around the next time you visit - look especially at the children. We can all learn a lot from them.

I believe we all get the message here. Bless you all & we hope to see you soon.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord, NC