Monday, April 11, 2016

HELLO AGAIN -- Summer seemed short this year. Not to worry, March was just a hint. Warmer weather is on the way we promise. All of us at Papa Robbs do want to thank you for supporting us during this cold snap & WINDY times.

Early notice is that we will go to seven days a week starting Monday, April 25 & hours will change too. Our website, Facebook & other social  media sites will keep you up to date. Sign up for Twitter as we will try to Tweet more this year. Let's all remember to "share" facebook posts as much as possible. We are working on plans for some contests involving social media so stay tuned for details.

FESTIVAL FRIDAYS RETURN!!!! Every Friday -  6:00 -- 9:00 starting April 29. Kicking things off will be our BIG friends - Dakota & Friends - the best Dinosaurs in the world! Hay You - Mike the Balloon Man, Tripp The Clown, Bev our Face Painter, & some door prizes (and who knows what else) will round out the open Festivities - our very own Papa Robbs Family - can't wait to see you.

Several themes this year with arts/crafts being a big one. May 13 first art night & this night and all art nights will feature a special area for Kids Art & Crafts hosted by Victoria Moore. Drums, music, poetry, dancing. reading & story telling, food & Youth Clowns are all on the schedule this year.  Again, social media & our website calendar are the key to information.

Folks asking about Open Mic - well we are having some difficulty with music licensing groups. Seems when you pay off one another pops up. But we are working on that. We will probably do some Talent Nights featuring original music by our musical friends, plus poetry, magic & who knows what else. Stay tuned as these will start in June for the summer. So, all you amateur musicians, jugglers, poets, magicians start getting in touch with us - like now!   704/ 652-7272

Welcome back Lyndsay full time. Helping manage the store, she is virtually taking over Festival Friday & is our new Marketing Director working with our social media dept & directly with Papa Robb.

Last as always - your ideas are both needed & welcome so keep them coming please. This is after all your home away from home. See you all real soon we hope.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord, NC