Monday, February 29, 2016

Spring is almost here & we're excited. Daylight savings time on March 13, we open March 17, Easter on March 27 & we have lots of news.

Yes we open on March 17 at 1:00, Saint Patrick's Day. Celebrate with us & your friends with our special Shamrock Shake! We will be open six days a week, closed on Mondays
(till late April). Hours: Tuesday - Thursday & Sunday 1:00 - 8:00. Friday 1:00 - 9:00 &
Saturday 11:00 - 9:00.

In addition to postings about our on-site events, this year we will also be posting about many of our off-site events. Several of these are open to the public & will give you another opportunity to visit with us "on the road". So it is even more important to check out our daily Facebook (& other social media) postings as well as our events calendar  on our website.

Remember that we offer a party area for your special parties & we also can come to you for your party, business affair, etc. Details about our on-site parties can be found on our website as well as info about our catering.

Two of our good neighbor churches are teaming up for a very special family event on Saturday, March 26 & you are invited! Eva Drive Baptist & Poplar Grove Baptist are hosting and Easter/Spring gathering from 12:00 noon till 3:00. Yes there will be fun, food, & games, but among the many lessons of Easter is the importance of love & respect among friends, neighbors & family -- something that is always important to us at Papa Robbs. So please join us March 26.

An important Easter note: as in the past Papa Robbs will open on Easter at 3:00 & we hope to see you & your family March 27.

We are happy to announce some flavor additions: Paradise Ice will add Passion Fruit, SunDrop & Strawberry - Lemonade to its lineup & Paradise Pops will add Blue Raspberry & Cherry to its popsicle flavors.

Did you know that you can have your very own Papa Robb's Paradise Ice? We mentioned this in our recent newsletter/blog as this has been an oft asked question. The details & legal regulations are already in the planning stages & hopefully will be complete by June.
If you have an interest let us know. Send requests to:

That's all for now, but many more ideas & much news to come so stay tuned & we look forward to seeing old & new friends again soon.
Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord, NC

Monday, February 15, 2016

Hello Everybody! Hope you had a safe & happy holiday & let's all look forward to a very good 2016. This SCOOP will outline some news about Papa Robbs, but please note that we will follow up with some Blogs containing more details. So please remember to check our blogs often for latest updates. Matter of fact, best to check our social media sites & web site  as often as possible. So let's begin:

1.) Opening - we will open for the season on Thursday, March 17 at 1:00. Closed on
     Mondays. Weather depending, we will go to seven days late April with first Festival
     Friday April 22 or 29.
2.) We hope to make our Festival Fridays even more fun & interesting, both for kids &
     adults. Many positive comments about last years arts, crafts additions as it gave
     parents more to do. Hopefully we can present more of a street fair atmosphere every
3.) Games & ideas - as usual your ideas are needed, always good & much appreciated.
     So please send us any & all ideas. Special days, events, games for Festival Friday --
     all are needed so please keep them coming.
4.) Our plans call for more off site appearances this year. We do catering, school,
      business, civic events & festivals, etc. Some are private but many are open to
      everyone. We will be posting these on our web site calendar so again, be sure to
      check that calendar on the web site tool bar.
      If you are interested in have us cater your event, simply contact us asap.
5.) A very brief word about Papa Robb. He is moving a little slower this year as he is in
     early recovery stage of knee replacement surgery. All seems to be fine so far & he
     looks forward to seeing you all soon.
6.)  Last year we had some inquiries about possibilities of owning your own Papa Robbs;
      franchises, etc. Well, we're not ready to franchise, but we are already working on a
      licensing program. Hopefully this will be complete by mid April so if you have any
      interest in owning your own store, stay tuned. We feel this will be the simplest way at
      this stage of our business.

That's all for now, but allow us to close with this message: The Panthers are still OUR Panthers. They had a very special season. Yes it is important to KEEP POUNDING, but it is also important to KEEP THE PRIDE!
Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord, NC