Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Oct 28th Blog

HELLO AGAIN EVERYBODY --  it seems as though the weather changes by the hour this time of year and for us at Papa Robbs it is a sad time because we will be closing soon for the Winter. We will surely miss you and want to take this time to say a very huge and very special THANK YOU to you, our friends and extended family.

You have made this year the best ever and we also want to say thanks to all of our special guests and performers who have worked so hard to make your experience at Papa Robbs even  more fun. Our family of artists, musicians, crafters, and special performers grew this year and we look forward to seeing them next year.

But, this year is not over, so keep on coming as we have much to offer. SPECIAL NOTICE:  Our face painter, Beverly, will make a special appearance Saturday, Oct. 31,
Halloween afternoon, to paint special faces for Halloween!! There will be a nominal charge as these will be extra special! Bev will be with us from abut 2:30 until ????

Our Balloon Artist will join us for a few more Friday nights with his very special concoctions and you never know who just might drop in for a special visit.  It is very important to check our postings on social media to keep up to date.

NEW FLAVOR -- While supplies last we have APPLE PIE ice cream and it is yummy, plus our tee shirts - adult & childrens - are now ON SALE as are our hats. Great gifts but get 'em fast while supplies last.

Well that about it for now and the sad news is the last news: this year we will close early for the season as Papa Robb is scheduled for a medical procedure to do something about his knee problems. Not to worry, he'll be up before even he knows it!

Our final day will be Wednesday,  November 25, so please come see us soon.

A special thank you to: Tripp The Clown; Beverly our Face Painter; Mike our Balloon Artist; Greg our musical host; and Ed the Dinosaur Man.  Also to our hard working staff for a job always well done.

AND -- The BIGGEST THANK YOU OF ALL -- To Miss Kathy, co-owner and partner in business and in life itself!

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord NC

Thursday, October 1, 2015

News & Explanations - topics for this month so let's get going:

Our times of operations have changed so please note this. Now closed on Mondays. Tues., Wed., Thurs. & Sun., open from 1:00 pm  -  8:00 pm. Fridays, open from 1:00 pm  -  9:00 pm. Saturdays open from 11:00 am  -  9:00 pm.

These changes would have occurred mid October as in the past, but our entire schedule is backing up two weeks this year. We will be closing around Thanksgiving this year rather than in December - details to follow so watch our postings, etc.

The reason behind these changes? No  long discussion here please, but Papa Robb is scheduled for surgery in early December for a knee replacement. Hopefully he will not be limping around next year!!

Notice that we are NOT scheduling any four day weeks. We will be open six days a week from now until we close for the year. Still lots to do so join us for three more Festival Fridays (weather permitting) & for Halloween Weekend.

Recently we cancelled our Open Mic Nights. This would have happened mid October, but a disagreement over licensing ended it earlier. We have discovered that some things we were told are simply not true. We can play the radio, people can sing their own songs, play their own music, recite their own poetry, rap, etc.

Furthermore, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" can be sung at parties, some DJ's can perform & "faith-based" music can be performed. Churches can still hold Bible studies & other meetings & can include music.

To be honest, the whole episode bordered on the absurd & included veiled threats (printed material about fines of $750.00 - $30,000 "PER SONG"!! ). Well, we understand what Intellectual Property Rights are (a previous business was in the publishing world), we do respect these rights, but we have met with churches, musicians & others, plus discussed this briefly with our own Intellectual Law firm & music will return.

We have three more Festival Fridays & all musical artists are welcome to join us along with our Festival friends.

That's all for now but please stay tuned to all of our social media postings for updates & thank all of you for your great & continued support this year.

Papa Robb's Paradise ice
Concord, NC

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello again & welcome to September. We want to give you all a big thank you shout out for a great summer. A lot happened the past three months, but more is on the way.

Our new catering bus is almost finished. Keep watch on our social media as we will have a "test day" & you can help. The bus looks good  due to the hard work of many people. We will list them all in a special blog coming later this month.

Our Open Mic Nights will continue every Tuesday with host Greg Ragan & our Festival Fridays have much coming this month. Check out our events calendar for changes/updates, etc.  Dinosaurs return this Friday, Arts & Crafts on Sept. 11 & Sept. 25.

Our Festival Family seems to grow like magic. Tripp The Clown is our master ringleader & continues to amaze - now he juggles fire!  Beverly our face painter, Mike our balloon twister (a genius to say the least), with visits by young Jerry The Clown, Phillip our drummer and now Veronica & Michael. Veronica hula dances, bubbles dances & sometimes sings. Michaels plays music and spins fire.  Veronica & her kids crafts & art will be with us on several Fridays & we expect more to join us over the next few weeks.

We will venture off site for an animal fund raising vent at Happy Hound on Sept 25 & also be at the Kaleidoscope Festival in Kannapolis that same day!  Busy, busy!

Important note: On Saturday, Sept. 12 there will be a yard sale at Papa Robbs from 7:00 am till 1:00 pm. Presented by the Brookdale Center, it  will benefit the Alzheimer's Walk.
For participation info please call Pam Clark at 704/ 467-2951. A local church will on hand with hotdogs from around 9:30 till ???  This is all for a good cause so we hope to see you on the 12th.

We had a sad incident last week in which a small kitten was accidentally run over & killed. We mention this for a very important reason; please keep a close watch on your children. We have plenty of places for kids to play, but they DO NOT include the parking lot! That is no place for hide & seek games. Kids are small & hard to see, so please, please, please attend to your children at ALL times.

On a happier note we want to repeat that this year has been better than ever & our success is your success. Our Mission Statement is stronger than ever & we continue to believe that if you live in a community, be a part of the community. Thank You & we hope to see you soon.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord, NC

Monday, August 3, 2015

FOOD -- ARTS -- CRAFTS   ---  After talking with our customers about food & all kinds of food choices we are adding a brand  concept of a very old idea. It is called a picnic.

We are now formally inviting all of you to feel free to bring in outside food and bring it to Papa Robbs. We calling this:  PICNIC IN PARADISE!  You bring the food, we have the tables & of course we have the desserts. Pretty simple. We encourage you to support our many good friends in are restaurants. Here just a few of our favorites in our area:

Chick-Fil-A; Jersey Mikes' subs; Asian Cafe; Sogos; Off The Grill; McDonalds; Subway;
Rosarios; Bojangle's; Mr. C,s; Buffalo Wild Wings; Marco's Pizza.

Visit any of these or your local favorites, grab some takeout & PICNIC IN PARADISE!

We will also, from time to time, have on site food vendors such as Kabobs , Terry's Dawgs, etc so watch our social media posts daily.

TRIPP RETURNS -- He has been at Clown Camp & Seminars, nut our very own Tripp The Clown returns Aug 7, so turn out & give Tripp a big welcome home.

ARTS/CRAFTS -- On Aug. 7 our Festival Friday will have the theme of Arts & Crafts. Over 10 area artists will be on hand so don't miss it. Crafts, fine art, metal art, music, etc and will be joined by Bev & her face painting plus balloons by Mike and  Eric Melton plans to return with his super Caricatures.

Speaking of the arts, it is never too early to make your plans to attend the next Kaleidoscope Festival in downtown Kannapolis, Saturday, Sept 26. We'll be there & hope you will be too. This is super fest & features crafts, art, food, performers, music, etc. They are big supporters of us & we of them.

One of special event for a good cause. On Saturday, Sept. 12, from 7:00 am till 12:00 there will be a yard sale at Papa Robbs  as part of the WALK TO END ALZHEIMER'S.
This sale is sponsored by Brookdale Concord Parkway. If you wish to participate, space is available for $10.00 - $20.00 & supports a worthwhile cause. info at

Bye for now, but be sure to check our social media & our events calendar for up to date info, changes, etc.  Thank You.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord, NC

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hello Again & thanks as always for your continued support of Papa Robb's Paradise Ice & all of our special events & fund raisers for those who need our help. It is truly nice to know that you share our belief that when you live in a community you should be a part of that community.

That said, let's talk about our FESTIVAL FRIDAY events. We try to set a firm & full schedule, but sometimes life throws us all a curve. When that happens we all simply adapt. You got lemons? Make some lemonade. Last Friday was an example. Some things were just not working out but lots of good friends changed all that into a super wonderful night.

We ended up with two crafters, three drummers, a rapper, poets, five artists, two singers & guitarists, plus games & our special  Bev with her face painting. What a night. A very big thanks to the Guerilla Poets for all of their talents. Love you Shane Manier & love your new CD.  Plus we raised a little money for CVAN, a very worthwhile cause.

ARTS & CRAFTS --- We've had some requests for adding crafts & artists to our Friday events. As you know we often have "Themes" to our Festival Fridays & on August 7 the theme will be arts & crafts! We have about ten (10) participants on the calendar with a variety of art & crafts for both adults & kids, plus music also. Everything will begin around 5:30 - 6:00 - Plus TRIPP THE CLOWN RETURNS that night so let's all give him a big welcome back from his annual journey to Clown Camp & Seminars!!!

Obviously all of our Festival Fridays have much to offer so do remember to keep checking our social media, plus our blogs & events calendar on our web site. We try to post every day & also remember that weather is not the same everywhere so we try to stay on top of that situation as best we can.

Last please note that we will be making some changes to our food situation very soon. There will be a blog on this later this week so remember to check that out.

Thank you all again & we will see you soon.

Papa Robbs Paradise Ice
Concord, NC

Monday, July 20, 2015

HELLO AGAIN --  Things seem to be hopping at Papa Robbs with even more to come, but a short mention about food vendors & our guest performers (known as Buskers or Street Performers).  All of the performers work strictly for tips be they clowns, face painters, musicians, etc., just as if they were working a local town festival and they need your support to continue their work. Many of them devote free time for worthwhile causes also - just some food for thought.

Ah yes, food. This has been mentioned before but bears repeating for obvious reasons. In spite of many requests for food trucks, hotdogs & other food vendors there seems to be little support when they are on site. If they do get enough business they simply have no choice but to go elsewhere - they must make a living as that is their job. So, if you want food then show your  support & this includes our Festival Friday hotdogs. Mr. Meanie Weener & Terry's Dawgs are both reputable, clean, fully inspected and have good offerings. We lost one and would like to keep Terry's Dawgs. Again, just something to think about.

COMING EVENTS--  Open Mic continues every Tuesday at 6:30. If you missed this night then you are missing something special. Various styles, music types and musicians are coming out to perform some very good music.

Saturday, July 25 from 5:00 till 9:00 we are hosting another LATIN FESTIVAL. Fun, games, food, DJ/music & live radio remote broadcast, plus prizes & surprises all together for a special day. Games will be set up by 3:00. Keep watch on our Facebook for updates.

Festival Fridays continue. July 24 will feature a Drum -In Drum Circle pus the artists & poets of Guerilla Poets & Slap The Paint. Music, Art, Poetry plus games, face painting, drumming & yes - Terry's Dawgs (hotdogs).

July 31, Curley the Balloon Man returns plus Zumba Dance & the talented kids from Next Step Dance Studio.

Tripp The Clown is off for two weeks - a church event & then clown camp in Minn. He returns on Aug. 7 - probably with some new ideas, tricks & performances. That night we are adding a special artists & crafters night as part of our Festival Friday & we are excited about that as it has been requested. If successful we hope to add as a regular through the Fall & work with local galleries, etc to bring some visual & more forming art to the Friday Festivals.

Watch our Facebook & social media for updates. See you soon.

PapaRobbs Paradise Ice
Concord, NC

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hello Again. Let's start with this week's Festival Friday (tomorrow), June 26 as we have lots happening.

We are having a fund raiser for our clown, Tripp. Yes, Tripp The Clown is going back to Clown Camp this year so we are having a Pie In The Face party. For a small fee you can put a pie (shaving cream) in Tripp's face! Clown Camp is where Tripp can meet other clowns, learn new tricks & characters & share ideas.

At 6:30 we will have "Sing Along With Dave" for all you kids. Dave is a talented musician & great with children & is a regular at our Open Mic Nights. Dave's show runs from 6:30 - 7:30 so don't miss it.

DeLisa returns this year with ZUMBA  DANCE, so get those dancing shoes on - both adults & kids!

In addition to Tripp, Beverly returns for her special Face Painting & Terry's Dawgs (hotdogs) back around 4:30.

More BIG news, and we mean BIG. Next week, Ed Bounds, along with Dakota & Friends is hosting  the very first, DINOSAUR CAMP at Papa Robbs. Mon, Tues, Wed.
Contact Ed Bounds for details please.  704/223-0727. email at

An important word about hours. We are open Sun. - Thurs. from 11:00 am till 9:00 pm &
on Fri. & Sat. from 11:00 am till 10:00 pm. As you know Papa Robbs is located in the middle of lots of residential areas & we try our best to be as good a neighbor to them as they are to us, and they are very good neighbors to us. We set our hours accordingly & ask that you respect this policy. We always offer treats to go for those late night cravings and we remain very inclusive & welcome everyone.

Last word is that we will be open as usual the entire July 4 holiday weekend & our old friends from Kabobs Food Truck will visit us Sat., July 4.

We look forward to seeing you again soon & watch for news soon about our fund raising programs.
Papa Robbs Paradise Ice
Concord NC

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hello again to all of Papa Robb's friends and thank you for making Paradise Ice your home away from home this Spring.

Lots coming up in June so let's get to it. Open Mic Nights continue every Tuesday starting around 6:30 pm. Lyndsay Wednesday with DJ Lynsanity returns June 3 and every Wednesday from 5:30 - 8:30.

FOOD TRUCKS ARE BACK! Every Wednesday, 5:00 - 9:00 pm, Food Truck Wednesday Mini Rally at Papa Robbs. You asked for these trucks so please come out in a big way & give them your support.

FESTIVAL FRIDAYS -- Every Friday is Festival Friday & every week our regular friends; Tripp The Clown; Face Painting with Beverly; Terry's Dawgs - hotdogs - plus family board games, cornhole games, hula hoops & other  surprises.

PLUS -- June 5 -- Dakota & Friends Dinosaurs return along with the very first appearance by Eric Melton and his excellent Caricature Art.
              June 12 -- Another first: "Trashed Art" party for kids & families. Concord's Trashed Art Studio will bring all its creative fun to Papa Robbs; a special event you will NOT want to miss - AND - Jerry The Clown returns with him magic balloon twisting.
              June 19 -- It's our HUGE  Summer Beach Party Blast. DJ Lynsanity will spin all your summer music favorites, so come dressed in your cool beach/summer vacation duds
(please, no skimpy swimsuits allowed), grab some fun door prizes, cool treats PLUS the Big T Bounce House  is coming back for the party!
              June 26 -- Its ZUMBA DANCE NIGHT with Delisa, so all you Moms, kids (yes, Daddys too) get ready to Zumba & do some wild Hula Hooping. PLUS it is the annual PIE THE FACE Fund Raiser for our great friend Tripp The Clown, so come and help Tripp go to Clown Camp this summer.

Told you - lots going on with some extra surprises we are sure so mark thos calendars for special FAMILY FUN at Papa Robbs this month.  We look forward to seeing you.
Papa Robbs Paradise Ice
Concord, NC

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hello again so soon. That's because we have some great news for all you Food Truck fans. Food Trucks are returning to Papa Robbs  EVERY Wednesday starting June 3!

Recently we have had many of you asking about food trucks, so we are pleased that they have organized this "Mini Food Truck Wednesday Rally". The All Star Cafe, a BBQ truck, another TBD truck & special visit from a cupcake truck (we will be doing cupcake ala-modes).  NOTE: The All Star Cafe & the Bacon Connection trucks will be alternating as the main hosts of this event - again, on Wednesdays.

The important thing here is your support. We have had food trucks over the past two years. Several have chosen not to return due to a lack of support. These are all private, individual businesses, so we urge you to come out & support this Mini Rally idea.

Again, every Wednesday, from 5:00 - 9:00 pm - starting June 3.

An added bonus is that " Lyndsay Wednesday " returns featuring DJ , Lynsanity who will be playing many of your tropical favorites. Look for Lynsanity to host several special Theme Tributes this summer for many of your favorite musical acts.

Food Trucks & DJ Music - an exciting combo - see you June 3.

Papa Robbs Paradise Ice
Concord, NC

Monday, May 18, 2015

Hello everyone. Hope you are keeping up with all our latest news through our blogs, calendar & social media such as Twitter & Facebook. Lot's is happening & more to come.

First please note that some - hopefully most - of our Festival Fridays will expand into the party area. With more themes this year along with visiting artists, performers, crafts persons, things can get crowded - therefore the expansion. May 8 was a prime example: Tripp The Clown, Beverly with Face Painting, Terry's Dawgs (hotdogs), plus board games, cornhole, performers with  "twirly gigs" & hula hoops -- and our very special guests, Ed Bounds & his Dakota & Friends Dinosaurs!!!  What a night - & more is to come.

Speaking of which, we are ALWAYS looking for performers, artists, & IDEAS. Call or email us with all suggestions.

A special word here about Tripp The Clown. Many of you have asked about him & parties. YES, YES, YES, Tripp does special appearances & has reasonable rates. The easiest way to reach him is through a facebook link or email to:  - or can contact him through us at:

We have added an Official Neighborhood Night - every Tuesday. Your neighborhood, apartment complex, etc can easily be a part. Simply call us or email us for details. Discounts are available on Tuesdays, but your neighborhood MUST be registered.

As you know Papa Robbs loves to be involved with our community & you can help. Currently we are looking for email & phone contacts with Girl & Boy Scout troops, etc for help with a scouting event. Please send us info.

That's it for now, but remember to watch our blogs, calendar & social media for updates, changes & other happening news.  See you soon.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hello again -- We are just sending out this special notice that effective Monday, May 18, we are open 7 days a week!

Our hours will be as follows:  Sunday - Thursday, 11:00 am - 9:00 pm. 
                                             Friday & Saturday, 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Tuesdays will continue to be Neighborhood Day (call or email to register your neighborhood) & Open Mic Night will also remain on Tuesdays.

Festival Fridays will officially shift to our Party Area as this event gains more momentum, including the yummy hotdogs of Terry's Dawgs - EVERY Friday.

We are always working on other ideas so stay tuned to our website & social media for our updates.

Thanks for your support & we look forward to seeing you soon.

Papa Robb's paradise Ice

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hello to all our friends. Some quick news about this weekend, but we also want to say welcome - at last - to WARM WEATHER. Also a big thank you to all who braved the below average temperatures & all that rain in April. We sincerely appreciate your support.

This weekend: We are attempting to kick our Festival Fridays up a notch or two as we get into our season. This Friday Ed Bounds returns with the Dakota & Friends dinosaurs!! This is always a crowd pleaser & a very special event for us - one you DO NOT WANT TO MISS! We are adding a small area where your child can actually ride a dinosaur so make you plans & join us & Ed, Dakota & all his dinosaur friends. 

Joining Dakota will be Tripp The Clown who always comes up with some new & fun acts, skits & other tricks up his sleeve. We are so proud of Tripp & lucky to have him as part of our Festival Family.  If you haven't  seen the wild & wonderful face paintings from Beverly - then you are truly missing something special. She is returning Friday so join Face Painting with Beverly. And let's not forget our good friend, Terry's Dawgs , with his great hot dogs!!

The entire event will move to the party center this Friday  where you will also find a few board games for the family, plus jump ropes, hula hoops & Bean Bag Toss (cornhole) games for both adults & for kids.

As our theme Festivals increase, about half will be in our Party Center (we need a name for our party area - any suggestions?) this year.

Let's not forget our Moms this Mothers Day. Every Mom will get a FREE small Ice Cream or Paradise Ice!  So bring all Moms & Grandmothers & the rest of the family for some yummy treats -- free for you Moms. Let's call it "Moms at Papas Day"!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again & we will see you this weekend.

Papa Robbs Paradise Ice

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hello Again -- Welcome back to Papa Robb's Paradise Ice! We know it is Spring because the weather is always challenging to say the least. Rainy/cloudy - sunny; windy then not; hot, cold, mild temps - hard to keep up with. But - we are here no matter the weather & we appreciate all of you who visit in spite of any weather challenges . We all know better weather lies ahead so let us tell you what is on the way at Papa Robbs.

FOOD -- Several of you are already asking about food & food trucks so a word or two about our food availability. Food trucks will return but not the same as last year as some of their own ideas/plans did not work (such a different truck each day). We are working on a plan for Wednesdays & we hope to rotate some trucks on Saturdays. We are making Fridays our "party/fair/festival food day due to our own FESTIVAL FRIDAY & we are happy to say that TERRY's DAWGS will be joining our "Festival Friday Family!

But it is important for everyone to realize that food trucks are a business & they need your support in order to remain in business & keep returning to Papa Robbs. We feel that food trucks are an exciting, interesting & important part of our local economy & atmosphere. We lost a few last year & we miss them, so let's all turn out & support these hard working people (who have become our friends) & who make Papa Robbs even more fun for the family.

COMING EVENTS/CHANGES -- First please note that details & updates on all of the following can be had on our blogs, calendar, facebook, twitter & our other forms of social media so please use them all often.

Some changes include more interesting decor, some new popsicle flavors & four new ice cream flavors. We have also added a huge info board to keep you informed as to events & specials.

Festival Fridays begin April 17 (some will take place in our party area) & all of our old friends will return - plus some new ones over the season. Open Mic is moving to Tuesday nights & Greg Ragan will again be your host (some grab your instruments & join us or just come & sing along). Open Mic begins April 14 at 6:30. Lyndsay Wednesdays - DJ - will return this year also in mid to late April.

We will host a book signing (childrens' book) on April 11 plus Tripp The Clown, Jerry The Clown & his balloon twisting, Dinosaurs, Music, Dancers of all styles, a Drum Circle or two (maybe more) Face Painting & many other surprises & specials are being planned.

MOST IMPORTANT -- Our web site has some changes. Please note our Mission Statement. Our most important mission & goal is to continue serving you & your families quality products & service in a family-friendly atmosphere that is safe (& fun) for your children.   Thank You & we hope to see you soon.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord, NC

Thursday, March 26, 2015

We want to begin by saying a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you for your great support of our opening days. The weather was (and remains) a challenge this time of year, but in spite of some doubtful weather, old & new friends kicked off our season with a bang. A special shout out to Ed Bounds with "Dakota & Friends" for not one, but two visits for his usual great dinosaur experience - both fun & educational for children & adults alike.

Ed & Dakota have scheduled eight more visits this year (all on Festival Fridays) plus some surprise visits throughout the year. Speaking of events please note just some of what's coming up soon:

Festival Fridays will return - starting April 17. Many will be theme events, but always look for our regulars -- Tripp The Clown, Face Painting, some music, & food. What is a festival party without hotdogs? Hotdogs will be Festival Friday food - Terry's Dawgs will be joining us EVERY Friday. A huge welcome to Terry & we look forward to him joining our Festival Friday Family.  Much more to come about Fridays so watch our blogs facebook, etc plus sign up for our newsletter.

Lyndsay Wednesday (DJ) returns this year, Greg is back with Open Mic Night - moving to Tuesdays starting April 14 & Food Trucks will return (schedule to come ASAP - starting in May).

We will host a book signing, April 11, starting at 2:00, featuring Concord author Lindsay Renae Davis. Her new children's' book, "It's Your Turn To Count" will be available & the audio version is included with the purchase.

Our young friend, Jerry The Clown, will return this year several times "Twisting Balloons" for everyone's enjoyment. You will be reading more about Jerry soon.

FLAVORS, FLAVORS, FLAVORS --- Paradise Ice, Popsicles, Ice Cream -- more flavors, different flavors, WOW! Better come try them all real soon, especially the Paradise Pops.

We will be traveling more this year - returning to Concord's Food Truck Rallies & back with the Kaleidoscope Festivals in Kannapolis! Kaleidoscope on April 25, Food Truck Rally mid to late April, plus our usual visits to schools churches & all sorts of special events in our area - keep up to dates on these & all of Papa's news on Facebook & other forms of social media.

Look forward to seeing all of you real soon. Thanks again for your loyal support.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord, NC

Monday, March 9, 2015

Opening Day at Papa Robb's Paradise Ice is set for Thursday, March 19 -- 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm!!

The great news is that it is finally here:  Opening Day at Papa Robb's Paradise Ice is set for Thursday, March 19 -- 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm!!  Dinosaurs, Cheerleading, Fund Raiser are all on our schedule for that weekend.

Obviously Daylight Savings Time is here & that is super great as far as we are concerned. Plus Friday, March 20 is the First Day of Spring! With Spring in the air here's what's in store for our opening week:

THURSDAY,MARCH 19 -- Gates/doors open at 1:00. Our good Friend Ed Bounds will visit with "Dakota & Friends". All your favorite Dinosaur buddies will be there all day so come on out & have a blast with Dakota.

We have some special flavors added to our menu, plus all your old favorites; the playground is open, our bean bag toss games will be set up -- lots of fun for everyone.

FRIDAY, MARCH 20 -- Spring Arrives! We will kick off a big fund raising weekend for our friends at Victory! All-Stars Cheerleading  Studio. The Onyx Summit Team will visit, sell some tickets for their big BBQ Lunch/Dinner, & perform some super cheerleading.

SATURDAY, MARCH 21 -- The Victory! All-
Stars Cheerleaders, along with  the Poplar Grove Baptist Church will hold a big Pork BBQ Lunch/Dinner, 11: 00 am until 7: 00  pm. The church is right up the road at 3476 Poplar Tent Road. Proceeds will benefit the Onyx Summit Team as they raise money for an upcoming competition. You can also buy tickets on Saturday at Papa Robbs.  Discounts at Papa Robbs for those supporting this great effort by the team & the church.

SUNDAY, MARCH 22 --  Sunday is always Family Day. Bring the entire family for some quality fun time with us at Papa Robbs.

We look forward to seeing all our old friends soon & making many new friends. We will be open 6 days a week -- 1:00 -- 9:00; Opening at 11:00 am on Saturdays, closed Mondays.

Not to worry - seven days a week hours will begin in Mid April. More news on that & many other surprises, etc in our next news blog.  See you March 19 !!!!!

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord, NC

Thursday, February 5, 2015

A big welcome to 2015 to all of you! Yes it is cold, but warm weather will be here before we know it as will the Opening Day at Papa Robb's Paradise Ice. Our plans call for us to open for this year from mid to end of March depending on the weather as usual.

The big news is change, and changes there will be. Let's begin with communication. We urge you to use our web site - - as much as you can. Remember also that we do have a mobile version for your convenience. We are in the process of updating the web site and you find updates starting this week. Homepage, info about us, menu, parties - all contain new and important information and details. And please use our Blog as we will Blog even more this year. Our current blog simply explains our decor and our flags subjects you have been asking about. Fun and informative are goals of our blogs.

Social Media is bigger and more challenging than ever and we plan to increase our use this year. More graphics, photos and hopefully video. Instagram and SnapChat will be added plus an attempt to use more YouTube. We are, and will continue to, urge you to use your favorite social medium to share your Paradise Ice experiences.

NEWS FLASH -- We now have an Official Song! You will see it in print next month and we hope to even have a contest this year with you even singing our song. Sound like fun?
Stay tuned for details.

We will have more on site and off site events this year and hope to work even more closely with our Food Truck Community as well as neighborhoods throughout the county. Please keep us informed about your special events and how we can help.

Our Friday festivals will continue. Any suggestions for a name change? We always welcome your ideas, help , suggestions, etc. Performers we need and we are thinking about a Talent Contest.

Let's not forget our products. Ice Cream flavors will grow to 24 plus "Special" Specials on a regular basis. Some exciting new special flavors of Paradise Ice are also in the works and will be featured. Our Paradise Freeze will be back by popular demand with a new Rainbow Float for kids (of all ages).

That's all for now, but again, check our website blogs and social media for updates. Thanks for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord, NC

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Communication will be more important this year. With that goal please note that we are updating our web site. Some changes have already been made and most other changes should be up and running by end of this week.

All  of our social media will be utilized more plus we will add Instagram & SnapChat. Our blogs should be more frequent & our newsletter, THE SCOOP, issued (hopefully) once a month during our season. So -- it is important to check social media & also our web site blog, plus sign up for our newsletter.

We will also use good old fashioned flyers, signs, & message boards at Papa Robbs - all in an effort to keep you better informed about special events, flavor specials, contests & other activities throughout the year.

Many people have asked about our decor and our flags. Decor is of course centered around water, beaches and tropical places near & far. From the start many of you have brought us items and we do our best to get them all on display as quickly as possible. We certainly appreciate these and thank you for your interest & support.

FLAGS:  Naturally there are the decorative flags -- birds, flowers, flip flops & beach scenes -- but you have asked about flags from other countries. Of course we have not one, but two American Flags & we added a North Carolina flag last year.

Initially we also flew the flags of the Bahamas & the U.S. Virgin Islands, two places we have visited several times, plus in memory of two special friends. From there flags took on a life of their own. Gifts from family members (vacations to Puerto Rico) & from customers for a variety of reasons -- all from places associated with Exotic Paradises.

This year you will see flags from islands around the world and from states that celebrate our children -- all with shorelines of all types. And YES, we will remember  South  Carolina!

Our goal is to make Papa Robb's Paradise Ice your very own Tropical Paradise. We want you to relax, close your eyes & imagine all those vacations, the ones you've taken & the ones planned.

Meanwhile -- come enjoy a vacation with us. We should be open no later than the end of March.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice

Concord, NC