Friday, May 30, 2014

It is the end of May and time for some catch up blogging. Let's start with the weather: don't let it get you down or prevent you from visiting us at Papa Robbs. This time of year we mostly get a series of rain showers that do not last long or simply come and go. We stay open (more on this) our great staff are full of sunny smiles!

We did have a serious problem two weeks ago with a heavy wind shear that destroyed our tent shelter and 90% of umbrellas, caused some flooding and forced us to close. But we re-opened the next day on time.

Some ideas work and others do not no matter how hard you wish and work. Tuesday Blue Grass Music jam sessions are one of those. Simply, no one came to play - no one. So, they have been cancelled & we will work on other ideas - many from you.

The most important aspect of events at Papa Robbs is inclusion; involvement of our customers. Open Mic, Festival Fridays, Latino Festival are examples, so look for more in the future. We'll keep you posted.

We have added some new food trucks: Vito's Pizza, KO, TJ's Burger Boogie, but sadly we have lost our friends, the Pig & Cow for awhile. Some changes to their business structure, upgrades, etc have sidelined them as these changes are made.

Some quick notes to close:  The Two Chicks & a Truck food truck now offer a Kids Eat Free program on Mondays. A special kid's menu & a free kids meal with purchase of an adult meal.  Yes we still do parties, but the calendar fills fast so PLEASE try to plan ahead and reserve space early.  Again, gift certificates are available, plus we now have our new tee shirts in stock for sale!!!

See you next time & sign up for our email newsletter.

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Papa Robbs Paradise Ice

Concord NC

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hello again. We have some news so let's get to it. You may have hear that last Saturday, May 10 we had a serious problem. Sort of a MINI  TWISTER .  It may not have been a touchdown tornado, but winds were over 50 mph & we lost 90% of our umbrellas, our new pop up tent shelter, some flooding & other  minor damage. We were forced to close for the night & were actually buying  new umbrellas that night. Happy to report that no one was injured & we were back open Sunday. Actually we were very lucky.

Our Food Truck schedule is set -- a  Food Truck EVERY night. Schedule on our website - just click on events - but remember that things can change so check our Facebook often

Special nights we are working on: Motorcycle Mondays off to a slow start, but we expect it to grow. Bike displays, DJ & Live Music are all planned once we see a reasonable turn out, plus a Food Truck every Monday. 

We are attempting a blue grass music jam session on Tuesdays. These are tough to do, so we will see what happens. Note please there is NO DANCE. Just a place for some picking & grinning.

Festival Fridays are starting to pick up again. Youth clowns coming, plus the Firetruck & some exciting themes. Drum Circle, Motorsports, Poetry Night, some dance exhibitions, a Beach Part & other unique street performers. Join us every Friday - you never know what might happen. Again, our Facebook postings will help keep you up to date.

What Latin Festival? you have asked. Well, we have a great hispanic food truck every Sunday - Tacos Morelia - & they (and us) are determined to provide more than just very good food. Music, face painting & more to begin on May 25, but you may be surprised  on any Sunday.

A quick reminder that we do offer Gift Certificates -- tee shirts should arrive soon & of course we are ALWAYS looking for more street performers1

See you soon.

Concord, NC

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Papa's Blog update for May 1st

Papa Robb's May 1st Blog

THE BLOG OF MAY 1, 2014:

Hello again! Let's talk about this month. In addition to our Friday & Saturday night rotations of food vendors, starting Sunday, May 4 there will be a Food Truck at Papa Robbs EVERY night from around 4:30 till 8:30/9:00. Check out our event calendar on our web site as well as our social media postings for details.

Trucks that will join us this year are:  The Pig & Cow, Nokie Thai, Master Bacon, Vitos Pizza, Kabobs, Two Chicks and A Truck, The Hot Box, Tacos Morelia, Mr. Meanie Weenie, Belly Backers, Comfort Foods,  & the KO Food Truck. Again, details on our calendar.

Our Festival Fridays will continue as will Open Mic on Saturday nights. We are always looking for musicians & other street performers for both of these nights.

Sundays , starting May 4 will be our new Latin Festival Day & will feature the Tacos Morelia food truck so join us for good food and who knows what else as this event  grows over the next few weeks.

We are attempting Motorcycle Mondays by request of bikers with families & a Blue Grass/American Music Jam session on Tuesdays, so lots to look forward to starting this month of May.

Our first THE SCOOP Newsletter/email blast should go out next week so sign up if you already haven't. All on our email newsletter list qualify for weekly & monthly prizes.

See you again in about two weeks

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