Thursday, January 29, 2015

Communication will be more important this year. With that goal please note that we are updating our web site. Some changes have already been made and most other changes should be up and running by end of this week.

All  of our social media will be utilized more plus we will add Instagram & SnapChat. Our blogs should be more frequent & our newsletter, THE SCOOP, issued (hopefully) once a month during our season. So -- it is important to check social media & also our web site blog, plus sign up for our newsletter.

We will also use good old fashioned flyers, signs, & message boards at Papa Robbs - all in an effort to keep you better informed about special events, flavor specials, contests & other activities throughout the year.

Many people have asked about our decor and our flags. Decor is of course centered around water, beaches and tropical places near & far. From the start many of you have brought us items and we do our best to get them all on display as quickly as possible. We certainly appreciate these and thank you for your interest & support.

FLAGS:  Naturally there are the decorative flags -- birds, flowers, flip flops & beach scenes -- but you have asked about flags from other countries. Of course we have not one, but two American Flags & we added a North Carolina flag last year.

Initially we also flew the flags of the Bahamas & the U.S. Virgin Islands, two places we have visited several times, plus in memory of two special friends. From there flags took on a life of their own. Gifts from family members (vacations to Puerto Rico) & from customers for a variety of reasons -- all from places associated with Exotic Paradises.

This year you will see flags from islands around the world and from states that celebrate our children -- all with shorelines of all types. And YES, we will remember  South  Carolina!

Our goal is to make Papa Robb's Paradise Ice your very own Tropical Paradise. We want you to relax, close your eyes & imagine all those vacations, the ones you've taken & the ones planned.

Meanwhile -- come enjoy a vacation with us. We should be open no later than the end of March.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice

Concord, NC