Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Another year is almost over and all of us at Papa Robb's Paradise Ice want to wish you a very special Happy New Year.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves this year - thanks to you - and hope you had as much fun as we did. Some things were new and some expanded, and while not all always worked  as we hoped, they worked enough and will return next year (though with some changes).

There will be some new ideas next year, several of them from you and we are excited about them as well. We hope to expand entertainment, especially for the kids, and involving our younger friends. Our parties may change, catering will increase and you will see some expansion of our decor.

Social Media is big on our change list: tool bar additions, some design changes and more use of social media in addition to Facebook and Twitter. Did we mention CONTESTS??

Contests and fun go hand in hand and FUN is always big on our list of things to do. We now even have our very own song! Look for a big deal with this song next year.

Papa Robbs is becoming well known for its "All Inclusive Policy". This simply means that we try to be an important part of your community. It also means that everyone is always welcome. From the very beginning our goal was to be a safe and family friendly facility. That goal is more important than ever.

Although we are closed for the Winter, there will be news, so stay tuned to our web site and social media. We will see you soon.

Again -- A Safe and Happy New Year to all. 
Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord, North Carolina

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Let's begin with an end: we will close for the season on Dec. 14. That Sun. will be our final day of the year. We are currently open Thurs. - Sun. 1:00 till 7:00.  We plan to open next year around mid March.

We still have good things this year - some Fall Flavors, Popsicle specials, hats, shirts, & gift certificates for Christmas gifts. Coffee, Hot Chocolate & Cider are back for these brisk days - so we look forward to seeing you soon.

We have been open for just over two years - with actual opening time of about 16 months & are happy with our progress . A big Thank You to our friends, family, the community and our entertainment & service partners - from food vendors to musicians. A special thanks to our good friend, Trip The Clown, one of the finest people we know.

A HUGE THANK YOU  to our customers - especially the kids. Your support has been essential in our goal of being a part of our community. Many of you have become participants in music, dances & skits. You are brave souls!!! Warning: There will be more next year!

In an age when government is too often seen as an enemy, allow us to praise our local government workers & officials & first responders. Papa Robbs & the things we do would not be possible without the help & support of these hard working people. Thank You.

As good as things are - more & better are goals for next year and WE NEED YOUR HELP.  So please take the time to let us know your likes & your dislikes. We also want your ideas. What activities , music, games, etc and any ideas (no matter how crazy) you have.

We are always looking for street performers, musicians, jugglers, actors, artists, crafts, magicians, etc. Don't be shy - come have fun. Every school has talent shows, music & art departments & we want to work with you. Send us your contact information ASAP please.

Fridays hopefully will expand & we are thinking of a name change for our Festival. Again, your suggestions are very welcome so send them to us. Remember - include your name & contact info & you might even win a prize.

Please have a safe Winter & Happy Holidays. Don't forget those ideas, comments, suggestions. 

Thanks again.

Concord N.C.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Obviously it is "that time of the year" again and we are slowing down in prep for the winter. But, we are open & have some specials & ideas just for you.

Note that we have some Fall Flavors: Apple Pie, Pumpkin ice cream and Snow Cream Paradise Ice - great for this time of the year.

Looking for that special small gift and/or stocking stuffer? A gift certificate to Papa Robbs is perfect & they are available now in a variety of amounts. Our hats & tee shirts also make great gifts.

Starting this weekend Daylight Savings Time ends and we will go to new hours:  Open Thurs. - Sunday from 1:00 till 7:00 each night. This is the perfect time to join us early with the family AND it is also the perfect after school stop. A special invite to our friends in High School. Come on by and share your ideas for Papa Robbs.

Speaking of ideas, etc. Now is the time for you to offer suggestions and ideas. Let us know what you liked the most and liked the least. After all, Papa Robb's Paradise Ice is really YOUR PLACE, so help make it more of what you want. Believe me, we welcome and need your ideas no matter how offbeat they may sound. Fun is the key to everything at Papa Robbs so we look forward to hear from you. Emails, phone, cards & letter - all are welcome.

Lots of changes coming for next year so stay informed & keep in touch through all our social media & web site. 

Thanks until next time ---------

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord NC

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The subject is change & there are always changes this time of the year. But first, let's talk about what does not change.

1. Lyndsay Wednesday Music Night continues for a couple more weeks with DJ
    Lynsanity playing your favorites starting at 6:30 every Wednesday.
2. More music every Saturday with Open Mic Night. Music starts about 6:30 so come
     on out & join in the musical fun.
3. For all you football fans, every Thursday is NFL DAY. Simply wear your favorite
    team's gear - hat, jersey, etc.- & receive a 15% discount!

A change that is more of a tradition: our Fall Flavors are back:  Snow Cream Paradise Ice
plus new ice creams flavors are Pumpkin, Apple Pie & Peanut Butter Pie. All are special delicious - just for you!

Now for changes: Food Trucks & Festival Fridays have ended for the year. BUT, some special events could bring back both. I am sure we will see Tripp The Clown again & perhaps our favorite young church clowns from Pitts Baptist Church.

We will host a Fall Yard Sale at Papa Robbs on Saturday, Oct. 18 from 7:00 - 12:00 noon. We also have some limited space available at $15.00 per spot. We also MAY host a crafts show later this year or next Spring.  Call early to reserve your spot.

Last - sadly, our hours will change soon this month. Check our social media & our web site for any changes in hours, days, etc. 

Thank you & we hope to serve you soon.
Concord, N.C.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Let's begin with two changes. 1. -- The musical DJ Tribute event to the Avett Brothers was rained out last week & will take place this Wednesday, Sept. 10. Everything starts at 6:30 and there will be some exciting door prizes. Wear you Avett Brothers shirt & receive a 15% discount. Check out our Facebook for all up to date info. 2. --  The Motorsports Themed Festival Friday has been dropped due to the drag races & other conflicts. BUT - the Fire Department & Truck is returning and the Bounce House from Blue Baboons - all part of Festival Friday, this Fri., Sept. 12.

Always remember our web site & our blogs, newsletters, and events schedule calendar. You can access on your mobile devices also, plus our Facebook postings. Things can change quickly but we try to keep up and keep you informed. This time of year changes happen more often due to community & school functions, fall festivals, etc, so stay tuned to all our social means of communication.

Speaking of changes, please note that our Food Truck schedule has changed. Our weekday appearances are over for the summer except for Wednesdays and our weekends will continue through September & perhaps into Oct., depending on weather. Again, events calendar & Facebook will keep you informed.

That's all for now -- we hope to see you soon at Papa Robb's Paradise Ice.

Concord, NC

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hello again. Some challenging times at Papa Robbs. Four of our best left for college - three returned to East Carolina & one off to UNC Chapel Hill. We miss them already & wish them the best for their school year.

Papa Robb had knee surgery couple of months ago & now Miss Kathy had same last Friday! She is doing fine, but REALLY missed as she is co-owner & the General Manager. It is "all hands on deck" time: Lyndsay, Saundra & Robin are stepping up big time with Jill & Chelsea now in training.

The news this week is MUSIC & DANCE --- tonight is DJ music. This Sunday, Aug. 31, the Christian Rock band, JEREMIAH's  PROMISE will perform from around 6:30 - 8:30 & will be in our party area, so join us & them for some great music.

Next Wednesday, Lyndsay Wednesday Music Night will honor local band, THE AVETT BROTHERS with a Tribute Night. DJ Lyndsay will be playing all of your favorites by this local group that makes us all proud. Their will be a few door prizes, so tell all your friends , fans, to come out for a special night - Wednesday, Sept. 3.

On Friday night, Sept 5, it is DANCE FEVER 2. The kids from the Next Step Dance Studio will perform, plus some Hula Hoop Dancing, plus ZUMBA DANCING!!! What a night that will be and it is all past of FESTIVAL FRIDAY.

Also, don't forget that every Saturday is Open Mic night with Greg so come out & join us for lots of dancing & musical entertainment & fun, fun, fun.

Concord, NC

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Let's all start thinking PINK. This Saturday, Aug. 23, from 5:00 - 8:00 pm, the TelWare Team is hosting a fund raiser at Papa Robb's, raising money for the Susan B. Komen Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness. If you simply wear an article of clothing the color of PINK & mention Breast Cancer , 15% of your purchase will support this very good cause (all between 5-8 pm).

Speaking of the Susan B. Komen Walk, our new line of popsicles, produced by the Healthy & Happy Company, is a big supporter also. So remember that PINK IS MORE THAN JUST A COLOR, which is also the name of this Saturday's fund raiser.

Some Thank You's are in order: Ed  Bounds & his Dinosaurs were a huge hit & are actually returning this Fri. night, Aug. 22 & we want to thank him for his energy and devotion to children. To all of our Pirate friends, especially Barnacle Bill & Scarlett Deville. What a wonderful, special & exciting night it was with Bill, "shotglass" Sam and all of their special friends on Pirate Bedlam Night. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Ditto for Wendy & the Queens of D'Nile. What an enjoyable night of Belly Dancing it was. Everyone, especially the families, had a wonderful time and we can't wait to have them return. The young dancers of Motion Dance Studio seemed to have as much fun dancing as we did watching.

Our goal -- slowly, but surely - is to turn Fridays into a real street performers  & entertainment festival. So a very special THANK YOU to our ringleader himself, Tripp The Clown. Welcome back Tripp - you were missed.

Let's close with some news of late. Congrats to recent winner  Amberlee Hutchins who won a Papa Robbs Tee Shirt! --- To all you users of mobile phones & other devices, you can now get even more info from our mobile version of our web site.--- Special, on Wednesday night, Sept. 3, our DJ Lynsanity will feature a Tribute Night to Cabarrus County's own, AVETT BROTHERS. Watch for details on our Facebook page. She will be playing the music of The Avetts & there will be door prizes.

Bye for now - let's blog on next week or so.

www.paparobbs.comConcord, NC

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Today's news is all about children -- kids, the Shriners, Toys For Tots, and Santa Claus.

You may remember that Santa Claus & Papa Robb have been good friends for many years. Santa has been on vacation in the islands & is packing to return to the North Pole.

But -- SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO VISIT  Papa Robb & all you kids  -- coming next Thursday, August 14. He will be here around 6:30, so bring your list!

Santa also helps many others, including the Shriners & their wonderful children’s' hospitals and the Marines and the Toys For Tots. We are all getting together to help.

Papa Robb & Santa are asking all you grownups to bring a toy for a needy child. Special boxes from the Marines will be on hand & some Shriners will give you some info about their hospitals. Papa Robb hopes all of you will turn out for this great cause for the children in our area.

Special notice to all: Santa may look a little different - he is on vacation - and he might very well be wearing his "Summer Santa" clothes (he might even have his surf board with him!!!

Again, please come out for a good cause and bring the kids to visit with Santa on Thursday, August 14.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord, NC

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hard to believe that August is here, but this month is loaded with Special Events & FUN. Please note that you can find listing of our events on all social media, our web site events calendar, plus we will be facebook posting weekly schedules. And - don't forget those mobile devices as our mobile version is improving all the time.

Now to August: August 6 our DJ will host a Jimmy Buffett Tribute playing all your favorites. Parrot Heads get your gear out and let's party! August 14 a Toys For Tots drive with SANTA CLAUS who will stop by on his way back to the North Pole from his vacation. Bring the kids (& a toy) starting about 6:30. August 15 is Dance Fever with Belly Dancing by Concord's own Queens of D'Nile Studio & the kids from Motion Dance Studio will also be on hand to entertain. Aug 22 the Dinosaurs return - something you will not want to miss. Remember to watch our daily posts for updates & more details.

Speaking of fun, a very big & special THANK YOU to Barnacle Bill & his mateys for visiting us on our Pirate Mania night recently. If you weren't there you missed  very special night. Hopefully they will return soon.

Some winners! We have a series of special drawings from people who sign up for our email/newsletter & our latest tee shirt winner was Stephanie Martins. Also we are running some facebook contests & Michelle Christy was our first tee shirt winner. Congrats to both & watch our facebook for other contests..

We just had a fund raiser night for the boosters of the NW High School Band. Interested in a night for your school band? Call or email us today for details.

Let's close with YOGURT. By your request we are trying some scoop yogurt and it is very good if we say so ourselves. The flavor is strawberry & if response is good we will continue & try to add a couple more flavors.

Thanks & see you again in about a week or so.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord, NC

Monday, July 21, 2014

We have several special events coming to Papa Robbs and the first is this FESTIVAL FRIDAY, July 25 featuring PIRATE BEDLAM. Yes it is Pirate Day at Papas, and Barnacle Bill & friends will on hand for lots of fun. Come dressed as a pirate or wear your favorite pirate shirt (yes it can be a sports team shirt) and receive a 15% discount!

Our DJ has a previous engagement this week, but will return for Lyndsay Wednesday on July 30 featuring DJ Lynsanity. Her first Tribute Night will be August 6 and  honor the music of Jimmy Buffett, so all you Parrot Heads start making your plans.

We will host the NW High School band's fund raiser on July 31 so come out and support your school band. Want an event for your school? Have your PTO or Band Boosters contact us for details.

August 1 will be a night of artists, poets, music and fun on Festival Friday's Slap The Paint night. Watch or participate. It is sure to be a great time.

Dinosaurs will return August 22 and Sept. 26 -- Motorsports on Sept. 12, plus other surprises every Friday night.

But of course the biggest name of all will be dropping in for boys & girls of all ages. Papa's best friend, SANTA  CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN ON THURSDAY AUGUST 14!!!  Make those lists and get ready, but remember that Santa is  also coming to help raise toys for other children and we will need your help. Call or email us with any questions about Santa's visit.

Having a party at Papa Robbs? We suggest Blue Baboons for bounce houses, slides, etc. 704/888-5252. Marco's Pizza for those personal pizzas, 980/781-4484. Tripp The Clown at 704/699-6134. DJ Lynsanity at 980/621-7300.

We look forward to seeing you real soon.

Concord, NC

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We  are into the summer and having lots of fun, but much more is to come. Take a look at our bigger events:  July 25 - Pirates Day. The Pirates are coming. Dress as a pirate and get a 15% discount that day........August 1 - Slap The Paint night featuring Artists, poets and musicians. Come watch and/or participate. Great fun for all........August 14 - Santa Claus is coming! This will also be a toy drive, so bring a toy and come see Santa as he visits Papa Robbs.........August 15 - Dance Fever with the Queens of D'Nile Belly Dancers and a local dance studio performance too........September 5 - Dance Fever 2 with Hula Hoops, Zumba Dancing and some routines by the Next Step dance studio.

These are just a few. Blue Baboons Bouncey House; The Police Youth Program; balloon twisters, clowns and lots of music, plus the Dinosaurs may be back soon!......all our news can  also be found on our web site events calendar & blog. www.paparobbs.com

Always remember to call with any questions about the weather or our food trucks as it is that summer rain shower time of the year.........yes you can have your special party at Papa Robbs; check details on our web site under parties........we have new tee shirts & hats for sale so get yours today........a great gift would be a Gift Certificate from Papa Robbs; all amounts available.......please remember that we can always use YOUR IDEAS. Want something special or have an idea about just about anything at all, know that we appreciate your help. This is YOUR place too!........if you get a phone call about winning a prize as part of our weekly & monthly drawings, be sure to get your prize as soon as possible.

Speaking of prizes: if you take a photo of yourself or your family/friends at Papa Robbs & post them on Facebook, our computer will do a search and you could win a Papa Robbs Tee Shirt!!!! So start posting today.

Concord NC

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Pirates are coming, the Pirates are coming, the Pirates are coming! On Friday, July 25 it will be Pirate Bedlam at Papa Robbs, so grab your gear & sail on over. Barnacle Bill & friends will be on hand for some Jolly Roger Fun. If you come dressed as a Pirate you can receive a 15% discount. Oh - by the way - all you East Carolina University alumni/students - bring your Pirate shirts & other ECU bounty -- Fun begins with our food truck around 5:00.

We are gonna miss our good friend Tripp The Clown for 2 or 3 weeks as he has some obligations elsewhere. BUT - we are so excited for him as Tripp will be attending a very special Clown Camp in Minnesota. He will be meeting and studying  with new clowns and some very experienced ones also. Did we mention how PROUD we are of Tripp!!??

On Wednesdays, starting July 16, we will be presenting LYNDSAY WEDNESDAY, a special DJ music show featuring our very own DJ Lyndsay, so make plans for music, fun & food at Papa Robbs every Wednesday starting around 6:30. Our plans also call for some special tribute nights, so stay tuned.

Tee shirts & hats are for sale so check them out on your next visit and always remember to check out our daily posts on social media, including facebook.

The Bouncey House of Blue Baboons returns July 18, poets, artists & music on August 1, Dance Fever on August `15 -- plus we are planning a COSTUME NIGHT so watch for details soon.

By the way - did we mention that SANTA CLAUS IS COMING ON AUGUST  14th??  Get those lists ready.

See you again real soon.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice

3700 Poplar Tent Rd, Concord, North Carolina 28027

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Did you know that Papa Robb & Santa Claus are old friends? Well, it happens to be true. They met years ago when both were on vacation in the Caribbean. Well, that is where Santa is right now - on vacation in the Islands resting before his busy time getting ready for Christmas. But don't worry. Santa's Elves are still at the North Pole working very hard on all the toys and gifts!

The really GREAT news is that Santa, on his way back to the North Pole, is coming to visit his old friend Papa Robb and they are both really excited. Yes, SANTA CLAUS IS COMING!  On Thursday, August 14, Santa is dropping by to say hello and see all you boys and girls. So make your plans, mark your calendar and come see  Santa on August 14. We will bring you more details soon, but we do know that fun will be had by all.

Obviously you have noticed the weather. Remember we said that summer weather mostly is about short rain showers? That's what 's been happening, so please remember to call us when in doubt about the old rain.

Food Truck news. No more trucks on Monday. Not enough customers. If you want Food Trucks in Concord, please try to support them as much as you can. We try to offer a variety and we will be part of a Food Truck Rally on August 1 . We will have more on this.

We will be blogging every week with lots of news, but please note the following:

Friday, July 25 will be Festival Friday's PIRATE DAY. Come dressed as a pirate and get a 15% discount. Barnacle Bill (and maybe some friends) will be there for lots of Pirate Fun. Much more on this next week.

Always check our Facebook every day plus our web site events calendar for updates. See ya next week.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord N.C.

Did you know that Papa Robb & Santa Claus are old friends? Well, it happens to be true. They met years ago when both were on vacation in the Caribbean. Well, that is where Santa is right now - on vacation in the Islands resting before his busy time getting ready for Christmas. But don't worry. Santa's Elves are still at the North Pole working very hard on all the toys and gifts!

The really GREAT news is that Santa, on his way back to the North Pole, is coming to visit his old friend Papa Robb and they are both really excited. Yes, SANTA CLAUS IS COMING!  On Thursday, August 14, Santa is dropping by to say hello and see all you boys and girls. So make your plans, mark your calendar and come see  Santa on August 14. We will bring you more details soon, but we do know that fun will be had by all.

Obviously you have noticed the weather. Remember we said that summer weather mostly is about short rain showers? That's what 's been happening, so please remember to call us when in doubt about the old rain.

Food Truck news. No more trucks on Monday. Not enough customers. If you want Food Trucks in Concord, please try to support them as much as you can. We try to offer a variety and we will be part of a Food Truck Rally on August 1 . We will have more on this.

We will be blogging every week with lots of news, but please note the following:

Friday, July 25 will be Festival Friday's PIRATE DAY. Come dressed as a pirate and get a 15% discount. Barnacle Bill (and maybe some friends) will be there for lots of Pirate Fun. Much more on this next week.

Always check our Facebook every day plus our web site events calendar for updates. See ya next week.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord N.C.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

It is mid-June and we have the usual rain showers for this time of the year, so don't worry too much. Chances are they won't last long and we are open regardless, so once the rain stops, come on by for some treats and visit the food truck of the day. You may want to call ahead. It may be raining where you are, but not at Papa Robbs.

Speaking of food trucks, note that we have lost another: TJ's BURGER BOOGIE. They were renting a trailer and it was sold. But they still do some catering and could very well be back with us later.  MARCO's PIZZA has joined every other Wednesday, alternating with MASTER BACON's BACON CONNECTION.  Some other changes will be happening in our food truck schedule, so watch our facebook and our calendar of events on our web site.

Speaking of changes, Motorcycle Mondays is no more. Bikers are still very welcome, we just were not able to put together a formal program for them at this time. Perhaps later or even a special event - probably a fund raiser.

We are concentrating more on Festival Fridays, Open Mic Saturdays and Latino Days/festivals on Sundays. Much is either already planned or in the planning stages and specific dates. events, etc will be posted on our calendar next week, plus in our next newsletter, due out very soon. Dancers, artists, music,  magic,  clowns, balloons, police & fire departments and much more -- all coming soon.

A special blog will be sent next week about these and other news, but here is a BIG HINT about a very special visit from an old friend of Papa Robbs. Many years ago Papa Robb met Santa Claus while on an island vacation. They became close friends. This summer, on his way back to the North Pole (Santa has been in the islands on a short vacation), Santa is coming to visit Papa Robb!!!! Probably in August. Much more on this next week.

On a personal note, Papa Robb has been resting after some surgery on his knee. No big deal he says, just getting older! He'll be back at Paradise Ice next week.

See you next time.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord NC

Friday, May 30, 2014

It is the end of May and time for some catch up blogging. Let's start with the weather: don't let it get you down or prevent you from visiting us at Papa Robbs. This time of year we mostly get a series of rain showers that do not last long or simply come and go. We stay open (more on this) our great staff are full of sunny smiles!

We did have a serious problem two weeks ago with a heavy wind shear that destroyed our tent shelter and 90% of umbrellas, caused some flooding and forced us to close. But we re-opened the next day on time.

Some ideas work and others do not no matter how hard you wish and work. Tuesday Blue Grass Music jam sessions are one of those. Simply, no one came to play - no one. So, they have been cancelled & we will work on other ideas - many from you.

The most important aspect of events at Papa Robbs is inclusion; involvement of our customers. Open Mic, Festival Fridays, Latino Festival are examples, so look for more in the future. We'll keep you posted.

We have added some new food trucks: Vito's Pizza, KO, TJ's Burger Boogie, but sadly we have lost our friends, the Pig & Cow for awhile. Some changes to their business structure, upgrades, etc have sidelined them as these changes are made.

Some quick notes to close:  The Two Chicks & a Truck food truck now offer a Kids Eat Free program on Mondays. A special kid's menu & a free kids meal with purchase of an adult meal.  Yes we still do parties, but the calendar fills fast so PLEASE try to plan ahead and reserve space early.  Again, gift certificates are available, plus we now have our new tee shirts in stock for sale!!!

See you next time & sign up for our email newsletter.

Click her to get our news letter

Papa Robbs Paradise Ice

Concord NC

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hello again. We have some news so let's get to it. You may have hear that last Saturday, May 10 we had a serious problem. Sort of a MINI  TWISTER .  It may not have been a touchdown tornado, but winds were over 50 mph & we lost 90% of our umbrellas, our new pop up tent shelter, some flooding & other  minor damage. We were forced to close for the night & were actually buying  new umbrellas that night. Happy to report that no one was injured & we were back open Sunday. Actually we were very lucky.

Our Food Truck schedule is set -- a  Food Truck EVERY night. Schedule on our website - just click on events - but remember that things can change so check our Facebook often

Special nights we are working on: Motorcycle Mondays off to a slow start, but we expect it to grow. Bike displays, DJ & Live Music are all planned once we see a reasonable turn out, plus a Food Truck every Monday. 

We are attempting a blue grass music jam session on Tuesdays. These are tough to do, so we will see what happens. Note please there is NO DANCE. Just a place for some picking & grinning.

Festival Fridays are starting to pick up again. Youth clowns coming, plus the Firetruck & some exciting themes. Drum Circle, Motorsports, Poetry Night, some dance exhibitions, a Beach Part & other unique street performers. Join us every Friday - you never know what might happen. Again, our Facebook postings will help keep you up to date.

What Latin Festival? you have asked. Well, we have a great hispanic food truck every Sunday - Tacos Morelia - & they (and us) are determined to provide more than just very good food. Music, face painting & more to begin on May 25, but you may be surprised  on any Sunday.

A quick reminder that we do offer Gift Certificates -- tee shirts should arrive soon & of course we are ALWAYS looking for more street performers1

See you soon.


Concord, NC

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Papa's Blog update for May 1st

Papa Robb's May 1st Blog

THE BLOG OF MAY 1, 2014:

Hello again! Let's talk about this month. In addition to our Friday & Saturday night rotations of food vendors, starting Sunday, May 4 there will be a Food Truck at Papa Robbs EVERY night from around 4:30 till 8:30/9:00. Check out our event calendar on our web site as well as our social media postings for details.

Trucks that will join us this year are:  The Pig & Cow, Nokie Thai, Master Bacon, Vitos Pizza, Kabobs, Two Chicks and A Truck, The Hot Box, Tacos Morelia, Mr. Meanie Weenie, Belly Backers, Comfort Foods,  & the KO Food Truck. Again, details on our calendar.

Our Festival Fridays will continue as will Open Mic on Saturday nights. We are always looking for musicians & other street performers for both of these nights.

Sundays , starting May 4 will be our new Latin Festival Day & will feature the Tacos Morelia food truck so join us for good food and who knows what else as this event  grows over the next few weeks.

We are attempting Motorcycle Mondays by request of bikers with families & a Blue Grass/American Music Jam session on Tuesdays, so lots to look forward to starting this month of May.

Our first THE SCOOP Newsletter/email blast should go out next week so sign up if you already haven't. All on our email newsletter list qualify for weekly & monthly prizes.

See you again in about two weeks

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
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Located in Concord, North Carolina

Papa Robb's is a Family Friendly Tropical Treat Paradise! Bright colors, lush plants and flowers, a full line of cool Tropical Treats and drinks, and a lighted cornhole game court all add up to the most unique and special place in the area. Papa Robb's offers 20 different flavors of Ice Cream, Italian Ice, Sundrop Slushie, Tropical Fruit Popsicles, Milkshakes, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Hot Cider!! FUN FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice

Welcome to our first updated news blog. We will attempt to post about every two weeks, but we also want to remind you to check our Facebook & our website for our calendar of updated event information.

Today we will be telling you about some of our plans for the year, asking for your ideas & input and making a request or two.

Let's start with the request: Our FESTIVAL FRIDAYS have begun and we are always looking for more performers. "Buskers" is the official word and that basically means a street or fair performer. Music, magic, juggling, clowns, balloon twisting and/or other forms of visual art. All are welcome. We want our Festival Friday to become much  bigger than it is, so we need your help & input.

This year we have more Food Trucks than ever with more variety of choices. Other plans include a Latin Festival on Sundays, a  Family Motorcycle Night, A Bluegrass/American Music Jamboree and even a Poetry Night. Some of these will begin next month (May) so again, check our web site & Facebook postings.

Don't forget our OPEN MIC NIGHTS every Saturday night for some good music & fun. Feel free to join us for a song or two (or more).

That's all for now -- see you soon and also watch for THE SCOOP, our newsletter coming soon via email.

Want to be included in the Scoop. Sign up at: http://www.paparobbs.com/news.html

Mobile users sing up at : mobile sign up

Join us on Facebook at : https://www.facebook.com/PapaRobbsParadiseIce

Friday, April 11, 2014

Papa Robb's upcoming events

April 18th
Also MASTERBACON Food Truck will be on site 

Saturday April 19th will be Open Mic Night!!!
Also Two Chicks and A Truck

April 25th 
And Food Truck also

April 26th
Open Mic Night
And Comfort Food truck

Keep check often for updates and more news.

Concord NC

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Paparobbs News and Events Blog. Check back as we are getting started !!!

Our First Blog.
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In this blog we will introduce you to Papa Robbs.
I the coming days we will be doing blogs on events and news.
In the mean time here is a little about Papa Robbs.
You have all shared the experience in a variety of ways: Shaved Ice in Hawaii;
Milkshakes on the Carolina coast; Smoothies in St
. John, USVI; Snow Cones on the
Daytona beach; Italian Ice on the Jersey Shore; Paleta Popsicles in Mexico; Ice Cream
They are all Tropical Treats and some of these are right here in your own backyard at
Papa Robb's Paradise Ice, a one-of-a-kind family friendly Tropical Treat Paradise.
Bright colors, lush plants and flowers, parties, entertainment, fun games, and special
surprises -- all add up to a safe friendly place for families and kids of all ages. 
Located In Concord, NC
Our Site

Papa Robbs is a Family Friendly Facility.

Some of what we have to offer.

 We are always having special events.

So bookmark our blog and keep up with Happening's at

Papa Robbs

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With more Coming Soon

Phone: 704 652-PAPA(7272)

Phone: 704 652-PAPA(7272) Info@paparobbs.com