Saturday, February 25, 2017

Hello again. It won't be long now; let's all hope we have fair weather. Thursday, March 16 at 1:00 Papa Robb's Paradise Ice opens the 2017 season. While most things remain the same, there are some changes, changes we hope you like.

We have added a couple of flavors & our popsicle line expands by three requested flavors: Tropical Splash, Butter Pecan & Cookies & Cream. Twelve of our fourteen pop flavors are actually quite healthy - gluten free & all natural ingredients. There will be special flavors from time to time, not only with popsicles, but our ice cream & italian ice also.

This is the perfect spot to mention our blogs & all of our social media. There is so much info this year about special events & other news that it is VERY important that you read Papa's Blogs, check our web site calendar & our social media posts. Our blogs may contain a few personal stories about people we have known - we're still thinking about that. But there will be more blogs due to our plans, soooooo -------------

More special events - some new some familiar. Music will return, plus we will have a talent show this year. Much of what we plan will involve kids & we will have special nights throughout the year & every week. We are ALWAYS looking for entertainers so don't be shy. We are all just a big family so grab that musical instrument, or do some magic - good or bad it is always fun. Last year Papa event beat on a bucket with Lynz our DJ!!!

We will be in our spring hours till late April but are always willing to open earlier for your special party - so call & reserve your party date soon. You can always email us at:

We are going off site more this year. Check out our new Facebook Page addition - Papa On The Go - for the latest on where we will be.

Did you know you can own your very own Papa Robb's Paradise Ice? Start finding details  by email. Again:

Please allow a personal close. Our community - both the Concord/Cabarrus community & the Motorsports Community - lost a true friend. Henry Furr died Tuesday, February 21. He was a business man & auto racing builder & promoter. People like Henry Furr  made it possible for people like Dale Earnhardt. If not for Henry there might not have ever been a Papa Robb. He was one of the finest people I have ever known. Whenever someone dies, most folks say, "Rest In Peace". Henry wasn't much of a rester. I feel pretty sure Henry Furr is up in Heaven on a golden bulldozer or grader already building something - probably the finest park there ever was. The world is a poorer place without Henry Furr.
Concord, NC

Monday, February 13, 2017

Hello Again Everybody. Hope you enjoyed the holidays & are doing your best to enjoy this winter though you must be "Paradise People" at heart. But spring is on the way - we promise.

Let's begin with an important reminder. You all know that Papas is a family friendly place and as such we have some rules. These rules are for the comfort and safety of our guests, especially the children. We appreciate your respect for these simple yet polite rules.

But we also want to remind everyone that Papa Robbs is an inclusive business. All are welcome here. You might say that we are a "Bully Free Zone".  Above average good manners are always expected. You, your children & entire family are safe as can be here. Our Mission Statement is important to us and we want you to always feel very much at home with us.

We are getting ready for spring & we expect to re open mid to late March - details to come. We have added additional marketing help, business advisory poeple and several new ideas. Our menu boards are much more user friendly, there will be more onsite info about specials, coming events, etc. Both old & new ideas about events will return and we have even added more choices of Paradise Pops flavors.

We have several new apartment complexes opening in our area & we will be reaching out to these new neighbors as they are young adults, many with children & many retirees as well.  And Papa Robbs is not just for kids & we will be bringing more entertainment for our adults this year - singles & parents.

Our Party Area is opening up for area social clubs so give us a call & bring your group to Papas this year. There is no better place to discuss books, gardening or simply place some games with your friends.

Our mobile units will expand this year. Look for us in several new locations, events, plus we cater to all kinds of events, parties, etc. Watch soon for our new social media page(s) that specifically provide information about our mobile schedule.

Last, our Blogs will increase this year due to the amount of information, so PLEASE keep close watches on our web site, blogs & social media. This year more important that ever.

One final note: we now have a licensing program whereby  you can own your own Papa Robbs. Details on our Blog in two weeks or call 704/ 425-5552 for more information.

Thank you for your support & we will see you sooner than you think.
Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord, NC