Saturday, November 26, 2016

All of us at Papa Robbs hope that this Thanksgiving was the start of a extra great, safe & happy Holiday Season. We all have a lot to be thankful for & we want to thank you - our wonderful extended family - for your support this year.

This is the time we start to wind down our season. Our final day will be December 18th. Starting now we will open everyday at 1:00 & close at 7:00 pm. Our annual Pint Sale includes both Italian Ice & Ice Cream & our popsicles will be $1.50 for the rest of the year. (speaking of popsicles, they are now so popular we will be adding even more flavors next year!)

Papa Robb & Miss Kathy want to extend a very special THANK YOU to our hard working staff. Your hard work & your treatment of our customers are the key to our success. We've had a lot of great entertainers this year, but our super team of regulars stand out. Michael our Balloon Artist, Beverly our Face Painter, & Tripp The Clown, who started it all.

Changes are coming next year. Our Mobile Vending will be bigger, there is talk of other locations, test markets, etc. Should be interesting to say the least, but this also means that Wintertime will be Busy Time.

Stay tuned to our social media - very important. Also, come see us over the next three weeks & keep sending us ideas.

Above all - Please Be Safe.
Concord, NC

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hello again. We have some changes in our schedule so please note the following:

Sadly it is that time of the year when we officially say farewell to summer & begin our Fall schedule . Starting today we will be open six days a week, closed on Mondays. Our Fall hours are:  Tuesday through Friday & Sunday --  1:00 - 8:00. Saturdays from 11:00 -- 8:00. We may be open a little later on Fridays & Saturdays depending on the weather & any special events on our schedule.

Speaking of specials, it is MAGIC TIME next Friday, Oct. 7. Our special friends Michael Decker (our balloon artist) & Tripp The Clown will debut their magic show. Magic Show set up starts at six with show to run 7:00 - 8:00. This should be very entertaining & tons of fun so bring the whole family for this special event.

Thursday, Oct. 6 we will have a Bounce House late afternoon & early evening for the kids after school. A very early notice is a special book event Saturday Nov. 5. We will have more on this , but be sure to save the date.

Never let the weather keep you from enjoying the treats at Papa Robbs. A complete TO GO service is available - drop by rain or shine for your bit of Paradise.

Final note is another reminder to keep a watch on our events calendar/web site & our posts on all of our social media for the latest updates on all the happenings at Papa Robbs.

Papa Robb's Paradise ice
Concord, NC

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Welcome to our Fall Season. Of course it is not officially fall yet, but classic summer ends with Labor Day so----------------

We will do our best to write a blog every week keeping you informed as to latest news, events, etc at Papa Robbs. Some will be brief, but all will be important.

Weekly schedule as follows:

Sundays will continue as Sundae Sundays & will feature our Brownie Sundae which has become a big hit.

Mondays are now our official  Seniors Day with 15% discount for all over 60 years old.

Tuesdays still Popsicle Day - pops just $1.50, but also Talent Day. Want to showcase your talent? music, magic, spoken word such as poetry or story telling? Tuesdays is your day. Some special musical friends will drop by from time to time playing some original music.

Wednesdays - Carolina Panther Day. Wear your Panther Gear, show your support for our local team & receive a 15% discount. Add to the fun by Tailgating/picnicing at Papas. Simply visit one of our neighboring restaurants, grab some takeout & have dinner at Papa Robbs! Naturally we have all the desserts you should need.

Thursdays  - Thirsty Thursdays. Floats $3.75. We have had some wild combinations; why not post your favorites?  Food Trucks - yes FOOD TRUCKS - will return on Thursdays. The BBQ TIME truck will join us Sept. 15, 5:00 - 8:00. Hopefully we will have a truck every Thursday, depending on their schedule & the amount of support they receive. We said this before, but please come out & support these business people.

Fridays will become Family Fun Night, but final Festival Friday this Friday with our Beach Blast Party. Games, prizes, etc & Penny's Sweetz Cents will return with some yummy baked goods.

Saturdays are game night - lawn games & board games, cards, etc - all ready for you & the entire family.

Most important!!! - Watch our daily posts on social media, check these blogs & also the events calendar on our web site,

Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord, NC

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hello again, Papa Robb here & I, along with Kathy & the entire Paradise Crew hope you have had a super good Summer - in spite of the heat/rain combos. School is back so everyone needs to study hard & do good in school so you can come see us this Fall.

We had a great summer with lots of summer campers - especially from Concord Parks & Recreation - a very special thanks to the Parks/Rec hard working staff, many Day Care centers, summer schools, church groups, etc. . Thanks to everyone for your support.

We do a lot of traveling to all sorts of offsite deals. Festivals, private parties, school & church events, fund raisers & business functions just to name a few. Keep your eyes open & watch for us. Some of these we will post, such as the Concord First Assembly Food Truck Rally, Kaleidoscope Festivals & the Sept 24 "Dog Walk For Diabetes" at Crossroads Church & Laurel Park. Simply check our social media postings & our website calendar:  -- click on events.

Well, "classic summer" is over and our Fall Season begins September 6 - right after Labor Day. Some changes will be made. Festival Fridays will end (back next year of course), but FAMILY FRIDAYS will begin with familiar friends: Mike the Balloon Man, Tripp The Clown, Bev/Face Painter - and they might be joining us other nights & days as well. Tons of games, bounce house surprises will help round out our special Family Fridays.

Talent Tuesdays will begin & feature art, magic, music from this area, maybe some poetry & other surprises. Mondays will be Senior's Day & Wednesdays Panther Day & Tailgating. Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays will have specials & weekly surprises.

Again, important to check our postings everyday & website calendar because we have lots of fun in store for you this Fall . I promise to write more blogs with details about these events, but you have to suffer through reading the BLOG!

Finally, another word - or more - about Food Trucks. Sept 2 will feature a Bar B Que truck (check our web site) as part of our Beach Party & we will try to bring in a truck once a week - hopefully on Thursdays. But - again, they can't succeed if you don't support them.  A few new trucks in Cabarrus County - Chinese, BarBQue, Texas style, & a couple of others. Stay tuned for news.

That's it -- see you soon & watch those blogs & social media.!!!!!!!

Papa Robbs Paradise Ice
Concord NC

Saturday, July 23, 2016

HELLO AGAIN -- Lots of news so let's get to it. Coming up on Festival Fridays we have everything from the Victory Cheerleaders to bounce houses, drumming & on August 5 our Carolina Panther Kick Off Night. Wear your Panther gear & you might win a door prize plus you will qualify for our Football Pass game. The perfect way to show your support for the local team so put Aug. 5 on your calendar.

On Tuesday, August 2 our community will celebrate National Night Out, a way to show your support for your community, your neighbors, all first responders & officials. While some neighborhoods will host an event many will not or can not. Papa Robbs will do it for them & everybody. We will host a National Night Out on Tuesday, August 2 from 5:00 till 9:00. Games, fun, prizes & maybe even a visit from our firefighters & police.  Music by Marty Dejarnette & we are trying, not promising, for some food vendor. Regardless this is a great way to support our city & meet your neighbors. Details on our events calendar & social media.

Speaking of music we are working on some ideas for the Fall & looking for drummers for a "bucket drumming group. Contact us if interested, especially you school band drummers.

The weather has been rough on us lately. Very hot & RAIN. We had to close early one night due to water & power problems. We just pretend we're at the beach but just about any weather is cool treat weather!!

We are doing more offsite events. We do it all so we do get busy in the Fall. If you are thinking of us for your private party, school or company event, call early as our calendar fills fast.  Plus we are also looking to test an off site location as soon as we get our calendar in order. Watch for news of this as we will post as soon as we know final details.

Gone for now but we will talk to you soon. Thanks for your support; our customers are our business.
Concord, NC

Thursday, June 9, 2016

HELLO EVERYBODY  --  In our opinion June marks the real start summer & we are ready for you & your family & your friends & neighbors. Lots in store, especially our Festival Fridays. We post each day about events & specials including details about our Festival Fridays. All this news, plus more can also be found on our website - click "events" on our tool bar.

Let's re-visit an old subject: Food trucks/vendors. You keep asking about these & requesting their return. Special - this Friday, June 10, a very special food truck will make its first appearance at Papa Robbs - one that should not be missed. We all know about our local favorite & famous - WHAT-A-BURGER restaurants. Some say the best is #13 in Mt. Pleasant. Well, they have a food truck & that - WHAT-A-BURGER food truck will be at Papa Robbs Friday at 5:00 - part of our Kids Crafts Night at Festival Friday.

We've said it before & we will say it again. These food vendors must have your support - plain & simple. So please join us June 10. This same truck will also visit June 17 & July 1.

We also now have the ROLIN DAWGS food vendor on other Fridays (as well as other days - so check facebook). Hot Dogs, Burgers, Chicken, Bar-B-Que - event breakfast!

Good place here to remind you that we also have mobile units available for parties, corporate events, churches, schools, etc. Check us on web site, "parties" on tool bar for info or call us at  704/ 652-7272.

Some coming events include art/crafts for kids, Poetry & speed painting, music, Pirates, story telling & a possible talent show. Open Mic Night may aslo return in a few weeks. You can always plan your own night with your friends - we have games & other ideas. Call us & ask for Lyndsay - she can help.

Let's close with an important note - especially in these times when we keep hearing, seeing, reading too much about "exclusion". Papa Robb's Paradise Ice is all about community. Living in it & being an actual part of this great place we live. Papa Robbs is all about inclusion. Everyone - repeat, everyone - is always welcome. Look around the next time you visit - look especially at the children. We can all learn a lot from them.

I believe we all get the message here. Bless you all & we hope to see you soon.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord, NC

Friday, May 6, 2016

As all of you know our Festival Fridays have begun - the first was last Friday & their were some missteps & we want to address these while also explaining exactly what Festival Fridays are and what they include.

The biggie was that Dakota & Friends Dinosaurs were late. At one point even I mentioned over 2 hours late. Actually they were about 1-1/2 hours late. Everybody is sorry about that, including the Dinosaur Man himself, Ed Bounds. BUT - he had some problems with earlier commitment, traffic, etc. Furthermore this was the very first time he was EVER late. As they say, "Life Happens".

Also our dear friend, Michael Decker, "Hey You the Balloon Man" suffered a medical emergency - even worse than all earlier thought. As of now he is back home recovering after big heart issues requiring seven - 7 - stints! We send him our thoughts, well wishes & prayers. Hopefully he doe not try to return too soon - full recovery is most important.

In spite of all this, all went fairly well. While some (and we stress some) adults were upset, the kids seemed happy, playing on the new dinosaur road, etc. Our face painter was there, games were available & our new "game of chance" for the kids made its debut & many free prizes were handed out.

So - what was the big deal?  Well I personally apologized (as did Ed Bounds) & promised to do better. But from some of the comments made on line, there are obviously a few misunderstandings about what a festival - including Festival Friday - is all about. Plus some serious misunderstandings about the safety & supervision of children at Papa Robbs.

The latter is the most important. The safety of children is very important to all of us. We have rules (and will be adding more) along these lines. Supervision of children however begins with parental supervision. We cannot watch every child all the time. We even have signs that state that children MUST  be supervised by an adult. As we grow this becomes even more important. An example is  kids playing in our parking lot - a very strong no-no. This is dangerous & there are plenty of other places to play.

Running, throwing things, older kids shoving younger kids - not allowed & need to stop.
Pure & simple. So - PLEASE pay more attention to your children. Trust me, additional rules are coming. The bigger we become the more some SAFETY issues are needed.

What is Festival Friday? It is much like any other street fair, town festival. The important thing to note is that while most is FREE, some things are not free. Our friends & vendors have different methods - tips, donations, charges for specific items. Contrary to a few web postings, we do not charge for our games. Exceptions would be for specific fund raising events. Artists, crafters, food carts, trucks, etc ALL charges for their services & products. This should not surprise anyone.  We lost most of our food vendors simply due to lack of support - understandable. Our hotdog vendor continues to support us when he can & we have some big news about a special truck who will visit us next month.

For now - please keep safety & courtesy in mind. We are all  part of the same community.
Thank You.

Papa Robbs Paradise Ice
Concord, NC

Monday, April 11, 2016

HELLO AGAIN -- Summer seemed short this year. Not to worry, March was just a hint. Warmer weather is on the way we promise. All of us at Papa Robbs do want to thank you for supporting us during this cold snap & WINDY times.

Early notice is that we will go to seven days a week starting Monday, April 25 & hours will change too. Our website, Facebook & other social  media sites will keep you up to date. Sign up for Twitter as we will try to Tweet more this year. Let's all remember to "share" facebook posts as much as possible. We are working on plans for some contests involving social media so stay tuned for details.

FESTIVAL FRIDAYS RETURN!!!! Every Friday -  6:00 -- 9:00 starting April 29. Kicking things off will be our BIG friends - Dakota & Friends - the best Dinosaurs in the world! Hay You - Mike the Balloon Man, Tripp The Clown, Bev our Face Painter, & some door prizes (and who knows what else) will round out the open Festivities - our very own Papa Robbs Family - can't wait to see you.

Several themes this year with arts/crafts being a big one. May 13 first art night & this night and all art nights will feature a special area for Kids Art & Crafts hosted by Victoria Moore. Drums, music, poetry, dancing. reading & story telling, food & Youth Clowns are all on the schedule this year.  Again, social media & our website calendar are the key to information.

Folks asking about Open Mic - well we are having some difficulty with music licensing groups. Seems when you pay off one another pops up. But we are working on that. We will probably do some Talent Nights featuring original music by our musical friends, plus poetry, magic & who knows what else. Stay tuned as these will start in June for the summer. So, all you amateur musicians, jugglers, poets, magicians start getting in touch with us - like now!   704/ 652-7272

Welcome back Lyndsay full time. Helping manage the store, she is virtually taking over Festival Friday & is our new Marketing Director working with our social media dept & directly with Papa Robb.

Last as always - your ideas are both needed & welcome so keep them coming please. This is after all your home away from home. See you all real soon we hope.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord, NC

Monday, February 29, 2016

Spring is almost here & we're excited. Daylight savings time on March 13, we open March 17, Easter on March 27 & we have lots of news.

Yes we open on March 17 at 1:00, Saint Patrick's Day. Celebrate with us & your friends with our special Shamrock Shake! We will be open six days a week, closed on Mondays
(till late April). Hours: Tuesday - Thursday & Sunday 1:00 - 8:00. Friday 1:00 - 9:00 &
Saturday 11:00 - 9:00.

In addition to postings about our on-site events, this year we will also be posting about many of our off-site events. Several of these are open to the public & will give you another opportunity to visit with us "on the road". So it is even more important to check out our daily Facebook (& other social media) postings as well as our events calendar  on our website.

Remember that we offer a party area for your special parties & we also can come to you for your party, business affair, etc. Details about our on-site parties can be found on our website as well as info about our catering.

Two of our good neighbor churches are teaming up for a very special family event on Saturday, March 26 & you are invited! Eva Drive Baptist & Poplar Grove Baptist are hosting and Easter/Spring gathering from 12:00 noon till 3:00. Yes there will be fun, food, & games, but among the many lessons of Easter is the importance of love & respect among friends, neighbors & family -- something that is always important to us at Papa Robbs. So please join us March 26.

An important Easter note: as in the past Papa Robbs will open on Easter at 3:00 & we hope to see you & your family March 27.

We are happy to announce some flavor additions: Paradise Ice will add Passion Fruit, SunDrop & Strawberry - Lemonade to its lineup & Paradise Pops will add Blue Raspberry & Cherry to its popsicle flavors.

Did you know that you can have your very own Papa Robb's Paradise Ice? We mentioned this in our recent newsletter/blog as this has been an oft asked question. The details & legal regulations are already in the planning stages & hopefully will be complete by June.
If you have an interest let us know. Send requests to:

That's all for now, but many more ideas & much news to come so stay tuned & we look forward to seeing old & new friends again soon.
Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord, NC

Monday, February 15, 2016

Hello Everybody! Hope you had a safe & happy holiday & let's all look forward to a very good 2016. This SCOOP will outline some news about Papa Robbs, but please note that we will follow up with some Blogs containing more details. So please remember to check our blogs often for latest updates. Matter of fact, best to check our social media sites & web site  as often as possible. So let's begin:

1.) Opening - we will open for the season on Thursday, March 17 at 1:00. Closed on
     Mondays. Weather depending, we will go to seven days late April with first Festival
     Friday April 22 or 29.
2.) We hope to make our Festival Fridays even more fun & interesting, both for kids &
     adults. Many positive comments about last years arts, crafts additions as it gave
     parents more to do. Hopefully we can present more of a street fair atmosphere every
3.) Games & ideas - as usual your ideas are needed, always good & much appreciated.
     So please send us any & all ideas. Special days, events, games for Festival Friday --
     all are needed so please keep them coming.
4.) Our plans call for more off site appearances this year. We do catering, school,
      business, civic events & festivals, etc. Some are private but many are open to
      everyone. We will be posting these on our web site calendar so again, be sure to
      check that calendar on the web site tool bar.
      If you are interested in have us cater your event, simply contact us asap.
5.) A very brief word about Papa Robb. He is moving a little slower this year as he is in
     early recovery stage of knee replacement surgery. All seems to be fine so far & he
     looks forward to seeing you all soon.
6.)  Last year we had some inquiries about possibilities of owning your own Papa Robbs;
      franchises, etc. Well, we're not ready to franchise, but we are already working on a
      licensing program. Hopefully this will be complete by mid April so if you have any
      interest in owning your own store, stay tuned. We feel this will be the simplest way at
      this stage of our business.

That's all for now, but allow us to close with this message: The Panthers are still OUR Panthers. They had a very special season. Yes it is important to KEEP POUNDING, but it is also important to KEEP THE PRIDE!
Papa Robb's Paradise Ice
Concord, NC