Monday, August 23, 2021

Hello again & I am sorry it has been so long , but we have been very busy this year & have faced some challenges -- some good & some not so good. Now some changes have arrived & there are more to come. So please pay attention & also be sure to keep checking our social media posts every day; sometimes more than once a day.

Let's start with some good news. This year has been much better than last year. Thanks to all of you for helping us survive last year as well as for your super support this year - both at our store & with our Mobile events.

But now we face a new Covid Surge -- and it is for real & serious. Viruses are living things & they too will fight to survive. They change & mutate into different forms. So we MUST fight back (more on this is a moment). We have already cancelled our extracurricular activities such as food & entertainment & reduced our weekend hours by one hour.

But we too have a shortage of help - especially since school begins. Three of our key people are in the education system. The result is that must reduce their hours at Papa Robb’s.

Therefore we have decided to implement our Fall hours of operation early. From mid-October to early September. Labor Day will be our final Monday for the year. Starting Tuesday, September 7 our new hours will be from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm - six days a week, closed on Mondays.

Allow me please to close on a more serious note. Once upon a time I lived a dream life. Not only did I work in the motorsports world, my company & its products were very successful. I was a happy man. Many of my heroes became my friends - some of the finest folks I have ever known. Sadly it was a dangerous time & we lost many good close friends. I miss them all to this day. But that time in my life gave me a deep respect for life & I do not want to lose any more friends.

So - preachy or not - PLEASE get that shot & wear that mask. A long long time ago we all had to "have our shots" before starting school. Things like measles, polio, chicken pox & a host of other deadly diseases -- well we don't worry about those anymore. Dangerous? Now I am 72 years old & I am still here. Thank God for vaccines. So please be safe & be healthy. We love seeing you at Papa Robbs.