Sunday, September 7, 2014

Let's begin with two changes. 1. -- The musical DJ Tribute event to the Avett Brothers was rained out last week & will take place this Wednesday, Sept. 10. Everything starts at 6:30 and there will be some exciting door prizes. Wear you Avett Brothers shirt & receive a 15% discount. Check out our Facebook for all up to date info. 2. --  The Motorsports Themed Festival Friday has been dropped due to the drag races & other conflicts. BUT - the Fire Department & Truck is returning and the Bounce House from Blue Baboons - all part of Festival Friday, this Fri., Sept. 12.

Always remember our web site & our blogs, newsletters, and events schedule calendar. You can access on your mobile devices also, plus our Facebook postings. Things can change quickly but we try to keep up and keep you informed. This time of year changes happen more often due to community & school functions, fall festivals, etc, so stay tuned to all our social means of communication.

Speaking of changes, please note that our Food Truck schedule has changed. Our weekday appearances are over for the summer except for Wednesdays and our weekends will continue through September & perhaps into Oct., depending on weather. Again, events calendar & Facebook will keep you informed.

That's all for now -- we hope to see you soon at Papa Robb's Paradise Ice.
Concord, NC