Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hello Again & thanks as always for your continued support of Papa Robb's Paradise Ice & all of our special events & fund raisers for those who need our help. It is truly nice to know that you share our belief that when you live in a community you should be a part of that community.

That said, let's talk about our FESTIVAL FRIDAY events. We try to set a firm & full schedule, but sometimes life throws us all a curve. When that happens we all simply adapt. You got lemons? Make some lemonade. Last Friday was an example. Some things were just not working out but lots of good friends changed all that into a super wonderful night.

We ended up with two crafters, three drummers, a rapper, poets, five artists, two singers & guitarists, plus games & our special  Bev with her face painting. What a night. A very big thanks to the Guerilla Poets for all of their talents. Love you Shane Manier & love your new CD.  Plus we raised a little money for CVAN, a very worthwhile cause.

ARTS & CRAFTS --- We've had some requests for adding crafts & artists to our Friday events. As you know we often have "Themes" to our Festival Fridays & on August 7 the theme will be arts & crafts! We have about ten (10) participants on the calendar with a variety of art & crafts for both adults & kids, plus music also. Everything will begin around 5:30 - 6:00 - Plus TRIPP THE CLOWN RETURNS that night so let's all give him a big welcome back from his annual journey to Clown Camp & Seminars!!!

Obviously all of our Festival Fridays have much to offer so do remember to keep checking our social media, plus our blogs & events calendar on our web site. We try to post every day & also remember that weather is not the same everywhere so we try to stay on top of that situation as best we can.

Last please note that we will be making some changes to our food situation very soon. There will be a blog on this later this week so remember to check that out.

Thank you all again & we will see you soon.

Papa Robbs Paradise Ice
Concord, NC

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