Thursday, October 1, 2015

News & Explanations - topics for this month so let's get going:

Our times of operations have changed so please note this. Now closed on Mondays. Tues., Wed., Thurs. & Sun., open from 1:00 pm  -  8:00 pm. Fridays, open from 1:00 pm  -  9:00 pm. Saturdays open from 11:00 am  -  9:00 pm.

These changes would have occurred mid October as in the past, but our entire schedule is backing up two weeks this year. We will be closing around Thanksgiving this year rather than in December - details to follow so watch our postings, etc.

The reason behind these changes? No  long discussion here please, but Papa Robb is scheduled for surgery in early December for a knee replacement. Hopefully he will not be limping around next year!!

Notice that we are NOT scheduling any four day weeks. We will be open six days a week from now until we close for the year. Still lots to do so join us for three more Festival Fridays (weather permitting) & for Halloween Weekend.

Recently we cancelled our Open Mic Nights. This would have happened mid October, but a disagreement over licensing ended it earlier. We have discovered that some things we were told are simply not true. We can play the radio, people can sing their own songs, play their own music, recite their own poetry, rap, etc.

Furthermore, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" can be sung at parties, some DJ's can perform & "faith-based" music can be performed. Churches can still hold Bible studies & other meetings & can include music.

To be honest, the whole episode bordered on the absurd & included veiled threats (printed material about fines of $750.00 - $30,000 "PER SONG"!! ). Well, we understand what Intellectual Property Rights are (a previous business was in the publishing world), we do respect these rights, but we have met with churches, musicians & others, plus discussed this briefly with our own Intellectual Law firm & music will return.

We have three more Festival Fridays & all musical artists are welcome to join us along with our Festival friends.

That's all for now but please stay tuned to all of our social media postings for updates & thank all of you for your great & continued support this year.

Papa Robb's Paradise ice
Concord, NC

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