Monday, May 17, 2021


BLOG --  Good start,  May 16,  2021

Well hello again everyone. Thought we would give it a few weeks then report in. So here's your report!

Thank YOU, thank YOU for the best kick off in years. It has been a super start to our year & we owe it all to you - our family, friends, customers - everyone in this area. And we are just beginning - more on that later.

We do have to remind you that we still have rules, so keep making us proud. We are well know as an inclusive place that is a safe & fun facility for families. We are really one of a kind for this area & yes, we still pretend we are a "shack on the beach".

Now about one very important rule - MASKS. Over the past few days this has been very confusing to a lot of folks, but when it comes to Papa Robbs there is no confusion. We wear masks & we ENCOURAGE you to wear them too at Papa Robbs. Why?  Simply because no one seems to be sure about this subject & it keeps changing. So - better safe than sorry.

Papa Robb has had both shots now yet he still wears his mask. When asked why he explains:  I have a drivers license too but I still fasten my seat belt. So let's all remain a little patient for a little longer. Why not. Should be easy now since we've had this practice.

Now back to the future -- our operation days & hours will change soon so get ready for some summer fun. Entertainment will return for both kids & adults. Tripp The Clown will be back next month as will other activities.

FOOD?  Yes we have had requests so we will give our food truck friends another chance, but you must realize their success depends on your support. Watch all details in our blogs, texts & social media platforms.

Gotta run for now, but one more note - watch for our mobile sales force - Papa On The Go. We are at Frank Liske Park every weekend so join us there as well as at our store.




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