Thursday, June 17, 2021

 BLOG - Food - 6/17/21

This blog news is short, but very important. Important because it pertains to how much & how often entertainers & various food vendors visit us all at Papa Robbs.

Starting this week we will host food vendors - carts, trucks, trailers - who will offer various types of food, from hotdogs to gourmet sandwiches. But let's be honest about this. These vendors are the essence of "shop local". The basic All American of start up businesses, but the investment cost is sizable. Like all businesses, if profits aren't made such businesses move on or fail.

So this is - from Papa Robb - a polite way of asking you to support these area small businesses. They are truly your neighbors. We have had many requests for food vendors so they are coming. Again, let's give them some support & they will return & others will join them.  It is really as simple as that.

The same goes for other guests such as Tripp The Clown, Balloon Artists, etc. These people really took a hard hit last year & many are "Buskers" working for tips.

Papa Robbs is also a mobile vendor. We are at Frank Liske Park every weekend & can be found at all sorts of events around the area.

We are all part of the local economy. Shop Local is more than a slogan. It is a way of life for many & is important to our community.

We appreciate your business - thanks for listening.

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