Monday, March 16, 2020


WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED-------------------
Given the recent developments surrounding COVID-19, we want to reassure everyone that we are closely following the guidelines of the CDC and are doubling down on our efforts to maintain the highest level of restaurant sanitation and cleanliness for our customers and staff.

Last week we ended our blog with a list of topics we would be covering in the future, some for this week. But, as we all know the world has changed in a week & that includes our county & surrounding counties.

The Coronavirus is here Period. New medications will offer both a cure as well as preventive vaccines. But - what to do now is the question. So please note right now just some of what we have planned at Papa Robbs to make your visit with us enjoyable & as risk free as possible. We plan to accomplish that by listening to experts & watching what the most successful fast food companies are doing or planning to do.

With that in mind please note the following:

1. We still plan to open April 2, but circumstances could delay that date. So PLEASE check all of our social media as often as possible.
2. Our Papa Robb's Club will start up again with weekly short text messages to keep you up to date. You can still sign up - check our web site -
3. You will note some changes at Papa Robbs. Some big some small. The biggest is some new fences as the DOT has bought some of our property for turn lanes at our intersection - good news in the long run.
4. This still leaves us plenty of room & space to spread out. This space & being outdoors helps simply because you are not forced into small spaces.
5. Our entire area is being cleaned, power washed & painted.

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