Monday, July 8, 2019


Good news & bad news: The bad news is that we are making some changes. The good news is that we are making some changes!

CHANGES ARE IMMEDIATE -- "Wacky Weekends" are dead & probably were dead on arrival. Papa Robb was wacko for that idea to begin with. But - some good comes from some bad. In auto racing you sometimes slow down to speed up. Well, we are going backwards to go forward - Read on -------------

FESTIVAL FRIDAYS return. It is that simple. Our guests will vary such as Tripp The Clown, Balloon Artists, Face Painting, etc. Events such as Fiesta Night, Vending Specials, Topping Bars, Games , Craft Nights, DJ Music, etc will all return. Our next Vending event is this Friday & Saturday Nights. We will also feature our new friends with their Taco Truck every Friday -- plus several other little surprises.

SATURDAYS -- Music & Open Mic will continue so join us every Saturday with host Chris "Big Hat Larry". And bring your talent & jin the fun.

SUNDAYS will return as Family Fun Game Day. Yard games, card games & board games. Most important, Sundays are the day for family & friends to simply relax & visit with one another while enjoying a super cool tropical treat.

OTHER NEWS --  Hey, our new Papa Robb's Club is growing. This basically a communication club where we use texting as a better way of reaching you with news & specials. Sort of a less is more deal. We appreciate your interest & support.

Our weekend hours have changed & we are now open until 10:00 pm on Friday & Saturday nights. This at your request so come on out.

As you all know we have had weather challenges this year - as we have the last two  years. Thank you so much for your support when we have weather problems such as a flooded parking lot & playground. We do offer our treats "To Go" plus you can use Door Dash & Uber Eats for ordering & delivery of Papa Robb's treats.

Last - DO NOT forget that we have a catering department. Call 704/ 425-5552  or email us at  for details when planning your next party.


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