Friday, May 22, 2020

BLOG -- May 23,  2020  --  Latest news

HELLO AGAIN --  We have now been open three weeks & still in Phase 1 of Papa's  opening rules. As always it is all about safety, safety, safety. Again we want to thank everyone for being very cooperative & very supportive of each other. That is the way it has always been at Papa Robbs & we expect that attitude to continue now & way beyond this virus.

This is how things stand at this time: Phase 1 will last until mid to late June. Take out only. At that time , if all goes well & depending on the overall breakout situation in our area, we should be able to open up some limited seating with the social distancing requirements in place.

The playground will remain closed - probably through the summer at least. Very difficult to separate kids once they start playing. Besides, all playgrounds are still closed in NC.

Same with the party center - closed till further notice.

NOW -- another reminder about our special shakes. The Creamsicle Shake reminds us of the old Orange Creamsicle bars. Plus we now have both SunDrop & Cheerwine Italian Ice, so come try something new.

TAILGATING: Yes it is allowed, but social distancing is important for non family members. Be creative & yes you can bring your own take out lunch.

Thanks again for your help, patience & understanding.----------------

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