Wednesday, April 1, 2020

BLOG -- OPENING DELAYED                             April, 2020

Warning: this may seem like all bad news, but it is not. We like to put a positive outlook on most things, & as difficult as these times are in many ways they are bringing most of us closer together.

By our post you know we are delaying our opening this year. We do not know how long this delay may be -- and it may be piece meal. For instance, our mobile units may be up & running very soon.

The reason for this delay varies. From our end we simply ran out of time. We are bright, cheery & as clean as we can be (except of this pollen). But other businesses face the same challenges we do so we are short on info signs, banners, etc.  These are all very important to the overall goal of safety & convenience.

Our `delivery options are not in place on the scale they should be - same for curbside & ordering options.  The majors (Grubhub, Doordash, Ubereats) are under siege, busier than ever & backlogged. They are working as quickly as possible & we respect their situations.

Our employees & family members have their own challenges. Even this allergy season seems worse. Our vehicles turn yellow overnight!

Please be patient. We are not going anywhere. If others are open please visit them for they too are trying to save their businesses. And we will see you as soon as we can.

Again, Thank You & please be safe.

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