Friday, February 8, 2019

2019 Changes & News
Hello again & we hope you are excited about this year. We have a lot of important news so let's get to it. Do note that many details about this subjects will be posted as additional weekly Blogs so PLEASE check all Blogs on our Facebook posts.

1.  Social Media platforms are much in the news lately -- both good & not so good. One thing for sure is that they have changed, are changing or will change in the not so distant future. So Papa Robbs is also making changes to our own social media.

Our goal is quality over quantity. You might see fewer daily facebook posts, but more short text messages & a weekly Blog -- all to provide you with instant news plus give you a weekly update on special events for you & your family. It will all be challenging & interesting so please be sure to give us feedback & ideas.

2. A new communication & fun club -- the all new Papa Robbs Club. It is free to join & the goal is to incorporate the club into our social media. There will be several ways to join but one of those is to simply help us with our email list by confirming that we have your latest information: your name, email address & your cell phone number. Cell  phone is vital so you can receive info about our specials, discounts, contests & prizes.

The overall goal here is: quality over quantity, discounts & fun, daily & weekly specials & give you some choices as to how you can stay informed about Papa Robbs & what we can offer you.  Therefore PLEASE check over the email info we are using & confirm we have all correct. If we have more than one email for you let us know which one you prefer we use. Send your confirmation to:   Don't forget your cell phone number.

3.  FUN - FUN - FUN ---  Obviously you know we are more than a Cool Treat Store. Our business is really about community & families. We are in the "Family Business" which means we are in the FUN Business. This year the Fun Factor is getting bigger. We will be having contests, door prizes, special drawings, simple surprises:  In other words, you can win tons of prizes - small & large. Much of this news will be on our new Weekly Blog so please check those out each week.

By the way, did we mention that we will be giving away a Grill as our prize for the Papa Robbs Club sign Up??  Details coming next week.

Bye for now. Opening day is March 28 -- seven days a week  - 11:00 am till 9:00 pm

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