Wednesday, December 19, 2018


First, an apology & a thank you. The apology is for not staying in closer touch this year & the vote of thanks is for all of you who supported us this year - a year that has been challenging to say the least.

The weather, the weather, the weather. When it wasn't too hot it was raining & it mostly rained. This year was the worst for rain & it tried to kill us for sure. We had water damage, flooded parking lot, party area & playground. Rain forced us to close more this year than all past years combined.

If regular old rain wasn't enough there were hurricanes to deal with. Not just one, but two arrived within the same month. Suffice to say the year was "interesting" weather wise & we have seen enough rain.

So once again, a big THANK YOU for keeping us afloat - so to speak. Now for the good news.

Papa Robb's Paradise Ice is making lots of changes for next year. It will take more than one newsletter plus a couple of blogs to fully explain. This newsletter will simply outline what's coming in 2019.

1. Our weekly calendar of events & specials will change & will be posted in early January. So keep a close eye on our web site's events calendar.
2. Our mobile sales/catering department & our store operations will be more separate than in the past.
3. More emphasis is being placed on families - more so than in the past. More games, more events & tons of  prizes -- more fun.
4. Festival Friday will remain but with a new name & will be the kick  off day for an entire weekend of games & special events.  Our plan to provide a more carnival midway effect.
5. Our playground has become old so -- we are getting a new one!
6. Our social media will change somewhat  -- simpler, but better. Less will be more - quality over quantity.  We will need your help for this one.
7. We will be forming a social club for you. This will result in better ways for us to communicate with you in ways that are more "user friendly" for you. More specials, games, fun & prizes for you - kids & adults.

These  are just a few of the things we have planned. From you we need you to PLEASE look over the contact info we have for you as we will need you to update this early next year. We will make your job easier & more fun - that we promise (hint: there will be PRIZES involved).

We'll have more coming early January but  hey, it is the Holidays, so a HUGE MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Be safe & we'll see you in 2019.

Friday, December 8, 2017

HELLO AGAIN --- Lots of news so let's get right to it: Our last day of the year will be Sunday, December 17 so drop by to say hello and grab a pint as we are in the middle of our annual Pint Sale of your favorites while supplies last.

It has been a good year despite some challenges - especially with the weather. We said goodbye to some old friends as they went on to bigger things or moved away, but we welcomed new friends & new ideas. Our Festival Fridays  tried to involve more Moms & families but also returned to some basics for the kids such as games & crafts. Even more are planned for next year.

We do want to thank so many people - too many to list. But, the great folks at Special Olympics were a pleasure to work with as were many other schools, churches ^ local worthwhile causes. We pride ourselves on trying to be a part of our community & a partner with as many organizations as possible. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU for inviting us to be your partner this past year.

NOTICE --  Our store may be closed this winter, but our mobile sales & catering department is not closed. Corporate events, birthday parties, school sports, etc -- we can come to you. To schedule a dates or series of dates, just call us at:  704/ 425-5552 or email us at:

Please note that we will be updating & improving (we hope) all of our social media next year as well as adding a way for us all to stay connected through texting. We are always looking for better ways to keep you informed & to hear feedback from you. Your ideas always help & are always welcome.

NEW NEIGHBORS -- Our little area community is growing! A new Dollar General will open soon across the road & will be a nice addition. The new high school - West Cabarrus High - is under construction on Weddington Road. Plus about four to five new apartment complexes are soon to open next year.  Lots of new friends & neighbors to welcome. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Time to go, but all of us at Papa Robb's Paradise Ice wish you a very Merry Christmas, the happiest of Holidays & a safe & Happy New Year!
Concord NC

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

HELLO AGAIN -- The weather has kept us rather busy. The hurricanes hit & hurt friends in the U.S. Virgin Islands & the Bahamas. So sad but no one killed or injured. Papa's sister road out the storm in Daytona. Lucky to be alive.

Of course the storm was headed our way so we cleared the decks & closed for two days. The storm then changed direction - thankfully - & we spent more time setting everything back in place. This year & the weather has been pretty tough on "Paradise Ice".But we feel very lucky compared to what has fallen upon so many others.

This is the time of year for changes so here they come: Starting next week we will be open six days a week, closed Mondays with some reduction in hours as in the past. . Hours will be -- Tuesday through Friday & Sunday: 1:00 pm - 8:00 pm. Saturday - 11:am - 8:00 pm.

Also Festival Fridays come to a close the end of this month  September. Not to worry as our Bounce House will be up through October plus some games & perhaps a kids crafts night or two - so it is very important, as always, to check our Facebook & other forms of social media on all updates.

Our Mobile Sales & Catering has picked up this year. So much so that we are building another truck, but this one will be a little different so stay tuned for our big announcement soon. We are also testing a new program for Daycare Centers & Pre School & we will let you know how that works out as we test in prep for next year.

Let's close with a big shout out to our public servants. It is election time again & we hope you join us in positive recognition of our officials & local government employees. We had the privilege of participating in Concord's Annual Employee Appreciation Day & Picnic. What a great & hard working group of people. Trust me here: I have traveled quite a bit in my life & Concord & Cabarrus County are very well managed compared to many other areas. Yes I know all about traffic & "dug up roads", but that is a small price to pay for growth which is always better than "no growth".

As always a big Thanks to all of you - our friends at Papa Robbs. See you soon.
Concord, NC

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Well, hello again. I know I have been slack, but much has been happening. The BIG news is that Papa Robb is a "Papa Robb" again. Little Mariah joins the Granddaughter ranks & is happy & healthy. As the song says, they  "Call the wind Mariah". Obviously everyone is very happy. So now Papa Robb has Erica, soon to be a freshman at college, Hannah freshman in high school, and Mariah - a freshman in the world!

Now to the small news! the weather has played havoc with us this year. A couple of times we were forced to close early as it was raining sideways. We try our best to stay open & always remember that all our treats can be made "To Go".

Our new Hot Dog vendor is working out super. Great dogs & service, so PLEASE come out  every Friday & give this woman your support. All part of Festival Friday which has gained new life to say the least. More & more activities. And new players. Games, fun, lots of crafts both simple & more challenging.

Oh - did I mention Papa's new bounce house? BOUNCE HOUSE!!! Thanks to a kind friend we have a new Bounce House for Bounce House Wednesdays & special Festival Fridays. Also available for parties. Call us for info.

Better yet - check out our calendars. A paper version that we are giving out at the store & on the road & our events calendar on our web site, You must take advantage of these & our social media platforms so as to not miss anything at Papas.

We have not forgotten adults either. August 18 will feature Vendor Night - lots of cool things for the grownups to see & do. And Marty DeJarnette is providing music every Tuesday evening - & some friends drop by from time to time to join him. Lots of original tunes.

That's it, promise to "blog" more often - newsletter coming later this week.  Thanks, Papa
Concord NC

Monday, May 29, 2017

Hello again & happy to be here, but more that later. So much to cover will have to split but do want to begin with general comments about Festival Friday. Due to weather & some health issues (delays) our Festival Fridays have been slow getting off the ground this year, but we are getting back to basics (involving kids more). Things now being planned include more Bounce Houses, kids crafts, book reading, story telling, music with DJ & dancing for the kids, yard & board games for the family, etc.  We're looking a  few vendor nights for crafters, artists, clothing, etc for kids & their Moms. We also have a couple of surprises up our sleeves so stay tuned for more news over the next couple of weeks.

Two big additions are Tuesday Tunes - music returns June 6 & every Tuesday so join us and Marty DeJarnette (& maybe some friends) for a night of super music & local talent.

Also - Hotdogs are back EVERY Friday - 4:30 - 8:00. We have said this before but you folks have asked for hotdogs so come out & support this new local business. The cart 7 Dionne have a military theme to honor our veterans so again some enjoy a dog or two on Fridays.

Now to medical, but this is really about this community. You all should know by now just much Papa Robb loves this area, Cabarrus County & our local leaders - business & political. Well let us add our local medical teams to that list.

My endocrinologist, Dr. James Holt has monitored  a situation with my thyroid for almost 10 years & half of my thyroid was removed Tuesday, May 23. I am fine, all went well, no cancer, and my recovery has been better than I expected.

There was a scare (to me anyway) about a month ago , but once all my records, tests results, etc were back here in Cabarrus County - well let's just say that things changed for the better. We can start with my surgeon Brian Schmidt; the above mentioned Dr. Holt; Keith Griffin my primary care physician & the heart man himself, Dr. Christy. Better care I could not have asked for.

I must add here the super team at Northeast Medical - our local hospital. If surgery could be made a pleasure, the team at NE made it so - from the moment I arrived to when I was rolled out the door. I will never forget these great people.

I mention all this as another example of just how lucky we all are to live here where we do. Yes we are growing & growth creates problems, but our local government leadership, business leadership & yes, medical leadership are second to none.

It doesn't end there either. Our business policy is community involvement & we work with lots of churches, schools & non-profits. There are countless people who work very hard helping our neighbors & serving our community.
So the next time you see a local political leader, a volunteer, a first responder of any kind or a teacher -- take the time to say what we do:  THANK YOU
Concord, NC

Friday, May 12, 2017

Well, I am finally back so forgive lack of communication. I did have a health scare, but that turned out to be a real lack of communication. Once all aspects of that deal returned to the great health care team I have here in Cabarrus County/Concord it seems I'm not near death after all!!!  Certainly happy to hear that. My health issue is small & simple & is being taken care of.

Now to important stuff. Other than this crazy weather we have a very good start to this year. We just need less rain & steady warm temperatures. The store is busy & our mobiles are busier than ever. We are having a great time "on the road" with school & church events, many worthwhile causes & recently two days with Special Olympics. The kids are just super & teachers, helpers & many volunteers do above & beyond duties in our community.

Big news is the Pirates Are Coming - Saturday May 20 - so mark your calendar. Tons of Pirate fun & games & prizes. So get out your pirate gear & come prepared to sail the pirate seas. PIRATES IN PARADISE - May 20.

Music returned last week with Marty DeJarnette & he will be joining us every Tuesday starting June 6 - Tuesday Tunes. See, we do have events for big kids (adults) too. Tuesdays are also Popsicle Tuesday with discounts on our pops. We now have about 15 flavors. Some are actually health & all natural. We also have Butter Pecan, Cookies & Cream & testing a Coffee Cream flavor.

Speaking of flavors, we are always coming up with ideas & surprises. We also offer a series of unique flavors so come out & get a taste. Some may end up on our regular menu.

Please keep an eye or two on our facebook & also the events calendar on our web site as much is to come. Festival Fridays are back & we also have: Sundae Sunday, Popsicle Tuesday, Thirsty Thursday & next month will kick off Surprise Saturday which could be anything from card games, book night for the kids, story telling, a DJ or an extra visit by Mike the balloon artist.

That it for now, keep checking the blogs & we will see you soon.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Hello again. It won't be long now; let's all hope we have fair weather. Thursday, March 16 at 1:00 Papa Robb's Paradise Ice opens the 2017 season. While most things remain the same, there are some changes, changes we hope you like.

We have added a couple of flavors & our popsicle line expands by three requested flavors: Tropical Splash, Butter Pecan & Cookies & Cream. Twelve of our fourteen pop flavors are actually quite healthy - gluten free & all natural ingredients. There will be special flavors from time to time, not only with popsicles, but our ice cream & italian ice also.

This is the perfect spot to mention our blogs & all of our social media. There is so much info this year about special events & other news that it is VERY important that you read Papa's Blogs, check our web site calendar & our social media posts. Our blogs may contain a few personal stories about people we have known - we're still thinking about that. But there will be more blogs due to our plans, soooooo -------------

More special events - some new some familiar. Music will return, plus we will have a talent show this year. Much of what we plan will involve kids & we will have special nights throughout the year & every week. We are ALWAYS looking for entertainers so don't be shy. We are all just a big family so grab that musical instrument, or do some magic - good or bad it is always fun. Last year Papa event beat on a bucket with Lynz our DJ!!!

We will be in our spring hours till late April but are always willing to open earlier for your special party - so call & reserve your party date soon. You can always email us at:

We are going off site more this year. Check out our new Facebook Page addition - Papa On The Go - for the latest on where we will be.

Did you know you can own your very own Papa Robb's Paradise Ice? Start finding details  by email. Again:

Please allow a personal close. Our community - both the Concord/Cabarrus community & the Motorsports Community - lost a true friend. Henry Furr died Tuesday, February 21. He was a business man & auto racing builder & promoter. People like Henry Furr  made it possible for people like Dale Earnhardt. If not for Henry there might not have ever been a Papa Robb. He was one of the finest people I have ever known. Whenever someone dies, most folks say, "Rest In Peace". Henry wasn't much of a rester. I feel pretty sure Henry Furr is up in Heaven on a golden bulldozer or grader already building something - probably the finest park there ever was. The world is a poorer place without Henry Furr.
Concord, NC